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For stylish historic reenactors who are fleet of foot, the Raimund Boot is a great choice in medieval footwear. These short and sturdy leather boots are sure to match a variety of looks and are available in various colors. Featuring a hardy construction and heavy leather sole, they are great for LARP events, especially when treated for water resistance. Three adjustable buckle straps ensure a custom fit for the wearer as well as a subtle touch of fashion.

Please note that this is a natural product, therefore, minor variations in color and texture may exist.

Key Features:

  • Secured at the ankle with three adjustable buckle straps
  • Heavy leather sole nailed to upper body of boot
  • Great for historical reenactment and LARP
  • Available in Black or Brown


  • Made of upper leather

These are European Sizes. The US size listed is a conversion to the closest US shoe size. Runs true to size – these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard. Measurements are approximate. This is a handmade item that is measured by hand. Please allow for approximately 1-2 inches of variation from measurements shown.

Shaft HeightHeel HeightAnkle Circumference
Euro 38 - US Womens 7.5 6 inches0.25 inch10.25 inches
Euro 39 - US Womens 8.5 - US Mens 6.5 0.25 inch
Euro 40 - US Womens 9.5 - US Mens 7 6 inches0.25 inch10.5 inches
Euro 41 - US Womens 10.5 - US Mens 8 6.25 inches0.25 inch11.5 inches
Euro 42 - US Womens 11.5 - US Mens 9 6.25 inches0.25 inch11.5 inches
Euro 43 - US Womens 12 - US Mens 10 6.5 inches0.25 inch12 inches
Euro 44 - US Mens 11 6.5 inches0.25 inch12 inches
Euro 45 - US Mens 12 7 inches0.25 inch12 inches
Euro 46 - US Mens 13 7 inches0.25 inch12.25 inches
Euro 47 - US Mens 14 7.25 inches0.25 inch13 inches

9 reviews for Raimund Boots

  1. Ronald G.

    I was very happy with the leather quality and construction of these boots. The soles are made with very dense and hard leather and protected my feet from feeling every little pebble at the Renaissance Festival. I did make some alterations to customize them to my feet. I added a heel and arch insole because I need that support. A full insole did not work due to the shape of the front of the shoe. I also had 3/4 ” heels added, which helped with stability and comfort. Oh, and the straps were nice and long, allowing me to add holes to make then tight and snug on my feet. I had several people ask where I had gotten them and they were amazed at the price, since most period footwear is either generically sized (S,M,L) or high price custom made. On top of everything, the customer service from Medieval Collectables was excellent.

  2. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Very comfortable shoes and easy to secure with the 3 buckles

  3. risingbun (verified owner)

    I love these boots. I’m not sure what period accurate footwear looks like, but these just feel authentic, like they were cobbled 100s of years ago. The sole is pretty smooth, like a dress shoe, so they might lose traction indoors, but outdoors, they do great. Leather is super soft and comfortable and I think these look way more stylish than your typical ren fest boot.

  4. Shannon J. (verified owner)

    Great looking boots, and well constructed as near as I can tell. The leather is of good quality and should wear and break in well, the dyeing is uniform, the sole is firmly nailed and the straps and buckles are well assembled. These should last for years. They do fit true to size, which was a great relief, and the buckles give them a little adjustment leeway. I plan to add arches inside, and perhaps hobnails for grip, but even without I am very happy with the look and quality! Mytholon really makes some quality products.

  5. msmith9647 (verified owner)

    These boots brought my whole outfit together. The quality is nice, and I was able to fit insoles inside these, although the ability for others to do the same will vary. The way the straps came were too loose for me, but I made a hole in the strap to give a tighter fit. I went with these instead of the other similar boot (Godfrey) because the footbed looks way thicker making it easier on the feet walking around all day. The sole on these are thick leather, while the Godfrey boots look to be a thin rubber. If you’re considering these boots go for it they are great for anyone. I love that these are Real leather, historical style, and good construction. I was a little weary of the sizing (I ordered the Euro 41 – US Women’s 10.5 – US Men’s 8) and when I got mine, I almost thought they were too big, but after strap adjustments and comfortable socks, I got the fit just right. These boots will serve me may more ren fair seasons, definitely worth the extra money compared to similar boots.

  6. Alex Case (verified owner)

    These boots are true to size, comfortable, and well built. The toe is considerably more pointed than I expected. Buckles are a great accent for dressier garb.

  7. Nathan Keysor (verified owner)

    These are very good boots. Good quality leather and the sizing was accurate. I wear a size 14 and have trouble finding period footwear.

  8. Justus Bertoni (verified owner)

    Vary fine boots! I was a little worried that they were going to be too small but they fit great. So, yes, vary true to size. The three buckles are a nice touch. The real leather sole is awesome though it is pretty slippery on smooth services. I plan on putting sabatons over them eventually but for now they’re great just by themselves. God bless. Ephesians 6:15

  9. jeffk (verified owner)

    I like the style of these boots. A little awkward feeling when you first wear them. I think they just need to be worn in a bit. I was concerned my feet or ankles were going to be hurting the first day I wore them. No problems though and were comfortable.

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