Dressing as a Bard

Do you like to play as a bard for your Dungeons and Dragons games? Medieval Collectibles hopes to help you figure out how to dress as a bard. As the bard has evolved over the different editions of the game, we wish to give a basic version of the musical character with some suggestions as to other items that you may wish to include.

Dressing as a Bard


Clothing is the easiest place to start when dressing as a bard. Our sample bard is wearing the Alex Cotton Shirt on top. This shirt has a poufy and classic medieval style. It comes in a couple of colors. You will want some pants to go along with the shirt. Depending on what kind of adventuring your character does or you do, they can go with short or long pants. We chose the Kilian Canvas Short Trousers for shorts and the Kasimir Canvas Trousers for long pants. What you choose is up to you and the context. For a bit of style as well as cover, you may wish to pick out a piece of outerwear. We chose the popular Aaron Canvas Cloak. It comes in multiple colors.

Clothing Accessories

To help finish off your basic look as well as provide some functionality, you can look at clothing accessories. This includes a pair of footwear. We went with the Galahad Shoes, which have a great medieval adventuring vibe. Also, you may want to add a hat when dressing as a bard. Our sample bard likes to wear the Tudor Flat Cap, which adds a nice finishing touch to a medieval outfit. Of course, a belt is a great clothing accessory for adding functionality to a fantasy ensemble. Our bard wears the Eberhard Belt as it is both stylish and functional.

Musical Magic Casting

One of the enduring traits of bards, regardless of edition, is their connection with casting magic through music. While the how’s of bards casting magic have changed over the editions, this has not. Therefore, when dressing as a bard, you must have some method of casting magic. While singing is a possibility, musical instruments tend to be a popular choice. Our bard carries the 7 Course Travel Lute. Lutes tend to be the instrument most popularly associated with bards and medieval music in general. Not only do lutes provide music by themselves, but they also allow the bard to accompany the lute with magical singing.

There are other musical instruments that a bard could play such as a flute like the Satinwood Irish Flute in D or a pipe like the Medieval Musical Pipe. Drums like the Tabor Drum are also a possibility. It depends on your personal preference as to the style of instrument and music that you want your character to play. Obviously if a bard is going to sing or play music to cast magic, they need a way to record their songs or spells. Our medieval bard records their songs and scores in the Dragon Leather Journal

Additional Items

As mentioned earlier, there are many possible items that you could add when dressing as a bard, especially if you are basing the character off of a specific edition. In the first edition, a character evolved into a bard. They did not start out as one. Instead, a character was often a fighter and would evolve into a bard later. This means that weapons such as daggers and swords would not be out of place on a 1st edition DnD bard. It is also not unrealistic to see a dagger or another weapon on a 5th edition bard in the College of Valor or College of Swords. To summarize, a Dungeons and Dragons bard can carry weapons if it fits their character. You may wish to choose what fits your characters context.

Not all fantasy bards carry weapons beyond their musical instrument. Some focus on performances, while others have a slightly more adventurous or traveling bent. These kinds of characters, but any type of bard, fighting ones included, can always use a couple other accessories. This includes a coin pouch like the Small Laced Leather Pouch. Coin pouches are useful for paying for inns or receiving payment for performances. Another useful accessory for anyone dressing as a bard is a backpack. This works well for carrying necessary items if a bard is the type to often be outside of towns.

Regardless of the type of bard or background for the bard, in real life it is considerably useful to make your clothing more weather resistant. We offer a Water & Stain Repellent Spray. This spray would be great added to the Aaron Canvas Cloak mentioned earlier. Adventurers of any kind, including bards, are bound to come across nasty weather at some point. It is a good idea to prepare ahead for this.

We hope that we have given you some ideas on how you can dress as a bard. From the basic outfit to the musical magic, there are many things that go into a bard’s ensemble. A lot of customization is possible with this character.

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