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The original pigsticker, the Renaissance-era boar spear was the premier piece of hunting gear to bring home the bacon. European hogs back in the day weren’t the cute little pink porkers you see down on the farm — these boars were huge, vicious, and extremely dangerous, and you needed a weapon that had the power to stop one of these tusked, rampaging beasts in its tracks and well before it got close enough to gore you. Our cold forged boar spear comes with a 71-inch long hardwood staff, offering you the reach to keep lots of space between you and your quarry, while the leaf-shaped 18.5-inch high-carbon SK-5 steel spear head with a pair of wing-like protrusions further down the shaft to prevent your quarry from slipping down the shaft and going whole hog on you. Arriving battle-ready and wickedly sharp, our boar spear comes shipped in two pieces with a Secure-Ex sheath for safety. If you find yourself needing a new spearhead after multiple battles, you can replace it with the Boar Spear Head (BK-NU95BOAWS), sold separately.

Please be aware that this item comes in two pieces. Assembly required.

Key Features:

  • Weapon is functional for combat and reenactment
  • Draws inspiration from European Renaissance designs
  • Quality wood handle has stylish dark finish
  • Includes Secure-Ex sheath


  • Spear head made of high-carbon SK-5 steel
  • Shaft made of premium ash wood


  • Blade Length: 18.5 Inch Spear Head
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5 millimeters
  • Shaft Length: 71 Inches
  • Overall Shaft Width: 1.5 Inches
  • Overall Spear Length: 82.125 Inches
  • Overall Weight (Spearhead): 20 ounces
  • Overall Weight (Total): 68 ounces

1 review for Boar Spear by Cold Steel

  1. Haine T.

    I Love This Spear.
    I bought this spear from Medieval Collectibles about 3 years ago and I still love this spear! When put together it is taller than I am! The stave is one piece of excellent hard wood that has a larger diameter than I expected which is good. I really like the hard plastic sheath that covers the spear head, it has a quick snap function that makes it easy.
    Overall it is a solid weapon. I have used in some of my martial arts training and I can tell you, it holds up to some punishment. I fully intend to go on a boar hunt in Texas with this spear.

    Down side:
    The spear head is attached to the wooden stave by screwing two tiny screws into them to hold them together. I tried with what it came with but ended up throwing those two out for two larger screws, from Home Depot, for better strength and retention. I recommend you figure out what you want to use the spear for and decide accordingly

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