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The rapier sword was popular in the late 16th century and early 17th century. The rapier was a dueling weapon whose form was developed from cut-and-thrust swords. Its use was more brutal and forceful than the light sport fencing we know of today.

Originally, starting about 1470, any civilian sword was often referred to as simply a “rapier,” but it quickly took on the meaning of a slender, civilian thrusting sword. There is also an English document from the 1500s that uses the term “rapier-sword” for advising courtiers how to be armed, indicating the understanding that there were new slender blade styles coming into civilian use.

Eventually developing into an edgeless, ideal thrusting weapon, the quick, innovative rapiers superseded the military cut-and-thrust swords for personal duels and urban self-defense. Being capable of making only limited lacerations, earlier varieties of rapier swords are still often confused with the cut-and-thrust swords, which gave gestation to their method.

As a civilian weapon of urban self-defense, a true rapier was a tip-based thrusting sword that used stabbing and piercing, not slashing and cleaving. True rapiers ranged from early designs with flat and triangular blades to thicker, narrower hexagonal ones. The rapier blade had no true cutting edge like those of military weapons for war.

Rapier hilts range from swept hilt styles to later dishes and cups.

What Type of Sword Is a Rapier?

Rapiers are civilian blades used for dueling and defense, as well as a military sidearm popular in Western Europe during the 16th century until the early 17th century. Rapiers are a type of sword with a slender two-edged blade and a sharp-pointed end used for stabbing and piercing.

Fun fact: Many of the films set in the 16th and 17th centuries use épées and foils used in fencing sport rather than true rapiers.

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