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  • Small Pewter Cameo Necklace

    Small Pewter Cameo Necklace

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Our Victorian jewelry is named for an era in British history when Queen Victoria ruled and England experienced a time of great growth and prestige. And here we offer a great range of beautiful pieces of jewelry, all recreated according to the fashions of the Victorian era for you to browse and enjoy at your leisure. Like the fashion of the era, most Victorian jewelry has something of a timeless quality to it, possessing a beauty that remains elegant and attractive even by modern-day standards. Perhaps the most famous example of Victorian jewelry is the cameo. This style of carving was a personal favorite of Queen Victoria herself, and it has quickly become commonly associated with Victorian era jewelry. Here, you will find all the rings, amulets, pendants, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry, some done in cameo style and others left simply Victorian in look. Each accessory you find here is a stunning example of Victorian jewelry at its finest, so much so that you can wear them as a part of a costume if you desire, or you can just add them to your collection and wear them whenever you want, with contemporary styles. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide not only historic jewelry, but also historic jewelry that looks just as great now as it did then, and that is just what you will find here in this Victorian jewelry category.

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