Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel

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A marvelous reproduction of a versatile style of polearm used during the medieval era, the Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel is a powerfully fierce, battle-ready weapon with multidimensional striking capabilities and superior reach. Exemplifying the style of a bill, this weapon features a devastatingly sharp hook-shaped blade on its front. Complementing this feature and adding to its repertoire of terror, this design includes sharpened spikes on both its spine and tip. These features allow for thrusting, hooking, slicing, and chopping action, making it spectacularly useful against nearly any foe. A long shaft made from ash wood is attached to this head, providing the reach necessary for combat against pikemen and cavalry. You can experience the weaponry of the Middle Ages by wielding the Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Emulates the style of English polearms
  • Bill-style blade has hook and spikes
  • Long shaft provides spectacular reach
  • Exceptionally high quality weapon


  • Blade is made of 1055 high carbon steel
  • Shaft is made of ash wood


  • Overall Length: 89.5 Inches
  • Handle Length: 65 Inches
  • Weight: 5.8 Pounds

1 review for Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel

  1. mbaldassarre (verified owner)

    I love this piece! I really do. Four stars, only because there’s no 4.5, but this is just about perfect. Points of discussion:

    Overall style: I love that it’s a pole arm, but that it doesn’t have the traditional axe-spear (halberd) head look. Nice variety. Looks great hanging with my other Pole Arms.

    Shaft: it mounts to a 1.5″ shaft that is HEAVY DUTY. You won’t have any strength concerns with this baby! You MAY lose a little length, as I had to remove a couple inches off of the tapered end to get a good fit. Not a big deal though.

    Main Edge: Nice and Sharp. Unfortunately, lol, it’s odd geometry, while a pro in terms of looks, may be a bit awkward for actual cutting or combat. I mean… Sure, if you’re being charged by a mounted knight, it would be perfect, but… I mean… What are the odds?

    Spear Point: As a thrusting weapon, it ends in a needle-like point. Boom. The drawback is that it’s only edged on one side – the same side as the main cutting edge. So it won’t be that useful on its own as a slashing feature. (And a double -dge might have made it better as a thrusting/piercing weapon.)

    Rear Beak: the rear point is very small, as it would be on a weapon of this type. It’ll still punch a hole in something on a full swing, but it won’t get much depth, and you’ll have to hit perfectly SQUARE. It has a cutting edge as well, on the lower side, but it’s VERY short, and not as sharp as the other edges.

    Overall though, I LOVE this piece, and am VERY happy with the purchase.

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