Authentics European Knights Halberd


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Step back in time and grasp the power of medieval might with the Authentics European Knights Halberd, a homage to the valor and skill of historical warfare. This meticulously handcrafted piece is a testament to the artistry and ingenuity of ancient blacksmiths. With its stately, rectangular haft—a signature trait true to historical authenticity—crafted from blackened and seared wood, this halberd carries the presence of a truly formidable weapon of the past.

Holding this fully functional, battle-ready halberd, you will feel the weight and balance that European knights trusted as a staple in their arsenal. Each striking head is meticulously secured with hand wrought nails, reflecting the devotion to detail that only individual craftsmanship can achieve. The halberds main, unsharpened blade extends fiercely to one side while a menacing, downward curved spike opposes it, ready to break through the defenses of an adversary. Capping off this masterful weapon is a piercing spear top that completes the halberd’s trifecta of offensive prowess.

Ideal for reenactment scenarios, this halberd is not merely a showpiece but a slice of history, ready to be wielded by those passionate about the chivalry and strategy of knights. It serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial role such weaponry played in combat and warfare, shaping the tactics and outcomes of battles across the European landscapes.

Targeted towards history buffs, reenactment groups, and collectors of medieval memorabilia, this Authentics European Knights Halberd embodies the essence and aesthetics of an age known for its raw metal and wood—the crossroads of courage and steel. Whether displayed with pride in a collection or brandished in the heat of a historical reenactment, this halberd is an authentic styled piece that promises to transport you to the heart of the medieval fray.

Key Features:

  • Battle Ready Halberd
  • Authentically styled weapon
  • Has an unsharpened blade
  • Seared wooden handle
  • Made of 1055 high carbon steel


  • Overall Length: Over 78 Inches
  • Width: 13 Inches
  • Spear Head Length: 12 Inches


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