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Have you wanted to create your own polearm for your medieval or fantasy character? Make sure to check out the Pole Axe Head. Made from steel, this functional halberd head features a design based on a 15th-16th century museum piece.

It has two long langets that are strips of steel with holes in them. These holes allow for attaching the halberd head onto a shaft like the 84 Inch Pole Stave (OX005), sold separately.

Above the langets, the head has a hammer on one side and an unsharpened blade on the other. The blade features concave sides with dots along the edges. Near the base of the blade, there is a cutout trefoil design. There are points between the blade and grooved hammer. At the top, there is an unsharpened spearpoint. This medieval halberd head is great for a DIY project or weapon collection.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Comes blunt
  • Historical design
  • Works well with Ash Pole Stave (OX005), sold separately
  • Great for DIY projects


  • Overall Length: 26.4 Inches
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

2 reviews for Pole Axe Head

  1. Ken Ellenburg (verified owner)

    very small very light hammer end almost totally useless axe is dull as dirt and not even straight at the edge. if it had some weight and an edge it might be ok. this thing is a lightweight useless wall hanger.

  2. dickeyae (verified owner)

    Decent pole axe head for the price. Ignore the comment about the weight. I own several 400+ year old warscythes and bills, and this is completely in line with size and weight of actual period weapons. The blade is easily sharpened in a matter of minutes. My major quibble is that it was not stored well and the langet straps had considerable rust on the inside and outside surfaces which required extensive cleaning. Other than that, I’m pleased with the weapon and completed assembly this afternoon to give to my son.

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