Fantasy Elf Styles

Fantasy Elf Styles

Elves are one of the most popular fantasy characters, especially when comes to styling as one. There are many aspects when it comes to a fantasy elf’s style. This style often depends on the type of elf being portrayed. However, there are many aspects that cover many different types of elves. We will look at the different parts of an elf’s style as well as explain the different choices in style that each type may make.

Types of Elves

When it comes to fantasy elves, there are three main types of elves: high elves, elemental or nature-based elves, and dark elves. High elves tend to have a light-oriented background. They are often associated with goodness and positivity. Galadriel and Celeborn in The Lord of the Rings are great examples of this type of elf. This type also features as a sub-race of elves in Dungeons and Dragons.

Next, the elemental or nature-based elves are another popular interpretation of elves. They usually, but not always, have a connection with forests and woodlands as well as the trees within them. Legolas is a popular interpretation of this type of elf. There are other nature-based elves such as the aquatic and wood elves of Dungeons and Dragons.

The dark elves, or drow, are the last type of elf. These elves can be good or bad but tend to focus more on the shadier side of things in contrast to the more light-oriented high elves. Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft is a dark elf. The Elder Scrolls has the Dunmer, a race of dark elves, while Dungeons and Dragons has the Drow and gray elves.

Physical Characteristics

There are certain physical characteristics to keep in mind when deciding on a particular style for a fantasy elf. To begin with, pretty much all elves have pointed ears. This is regardless of what type of elf they are. They will have pointed ears. The ears can be long or short but must be pointed. If you are looking at becoming an elf, we have a few different elf ears to look at. The Epic Effect Elven Ears Prosthetic are great for high elves or nature-based elves. Meanwhile, the Epic Effect Dark Elf Ears Prosthetic are ideal for dark elves.

Another common feature across all elf types is long hair. Long and flowing hair is a popular choice for elves. You can choose to wear it in a braid or ponytail, or leave it down if you prefer. If you don’t have long hair, you could wear a wig if you like. A couple of the wigs we offer include are the LOTR Arwen Wig and the Wavy Brown Coquette Wig.

Finally, skin color is an important part is some elven costumes. While the most common interpretation features human skin tones, this can vary, especially for dark elves. Elemental elves may feature a skin color that matches their preferred elements. Dark elves often have gray skin. Also, they may have purple skin. If you need to cover your skin to become an elemental or dark elf, you could use makeup like the Epic Effect Water-Based Makeup in purple or grey.


Elves can be interpreted as either fighters or more peace-loving. Regardless, they often carry a weapon of some kind. There are certain weapons that are preferred over others. The most popular type of weapon for an elf is a bow. We offer a variety of bows, both for LARP events and for regular archery use. The black Ready For Battle Bow as well as the 140cm Black IDV LARP Bow are ideal for LARP battles as an elf. When it comes to bows that work for traditional archery, a few choices to look at are the Medieval Longbow, Ranger of the North Bow, and the Elven Army Bow.

Swords and daggers are more weapons that an elf may wield. They are not as popular as the bow when it comes to depictions in pop culture, but they work well, especially for dark elves. Again, we offer both steel and LARP options. Regardless of what kind of weapon you choose, swords and daggers should have a sleek or elegant design. Elves are not usually depicted with thick or wide swords. For LARP weapons you can look at the Wild Elf LARP Dagger, the Shadow Blade LARP Sword, or the Agrippa II LARP Rapier to give just a few examples. Meanwhile, if you are wanting a steel weapon, then you can check out weapons like the Medieval Ring Dagger, the Feanor’s Two Handed Sword, or the Wired Black Hilt Rapier. Rapiers have a sleek design that meshes well with both high elves as well as dark elves.

A third weaponry option for elves is spears. Polearms in general are not very common weapons for elves. However, as a spear has a thin and sleek design, it fits in well with the general aesthetic of many elves. A couple of LARP spears that work well for elves include the Dark Elven LARP Glaive and the LARP Sentinel Spear. Looking for steel spears? Check out the Man at Arms European Spear by Cold Steel or our other spears. Regardless of what type of weapon you are looking for, many fantasy elves will have a weapon on them, especially if they are warriors.


Warrior elves, regardless of type, will need some type of armour. Both leather and steel armour can work for a fantasy elf. Leather armour is most commonly worn by nature or elemental elves. Leather’s association with forest elves tends to originate in the idea of hunting in the forest. Leather armour can also work well with dark elves if the armour is black or dark colored. A couple of armour sets that work for different elves include the RFB Viking Leather Armour Set and the Albrecht Armour Set.

When it comes to steel armour, there is a lot of variety to choose from. Dark elves will usually have blackened armour. While nature elves tend towards leather armour, they will usually wear silver-colored steel armour. High elves will often wear polished steel armour as well. They may also choose more golden or brass-toned armour depending on their background. We offer the Illumine Armour, which has a brass finish and a fantasy style.

Clothing Styles

When it comes to clothes, the specific style of a fantasy elf relies heavily on what type of elf they are. For example, high elves will often have light and ethereal clothing styles. Flowing fabrics are a popular design choice. When it comes to metal in elven accessories, elves tend towards silver-toned items. Possible clothing choices for a high elf may include the Ansgar Linen Shirt in white, the Wanderer Pants in grey, and the Mens Elven Cloak in grey or white.

Regarding elemental or nature-based elves, especially forest elves, earth tones are popular choices for clothing colors. Green and brown tend to be the most common colors. Their clothing can be either flowing or more snug. This often depends on the position that a particular elf may have in their society or what they are doing at a particular point. If they are out hunting, more snug clothing would be better than loose and flowing. One possible outfit out of many for a nature-based elf could include the Aaron Canvas Cloak in green, the Rurik Canvas Shirt in brown, the Kasimir Canvas Trousers in brown, and the Sylvar Half-Boots in brown with sand.

For a dark elf, the choices tend towards darker colors. Black is the most popular color with grey and purple as two common accent colors. Dark elves can go with either a flowing or snug style for their clothing. These pieces can include dresses like the Royal Velvet Renaissance Dress as well as tunics like the Ladies Hooded Elven Tunic and the Medieval Lace-up Tunic. Again, what you choose depends on your personal preference and the background of your character. The Dark Elf Mens Outfit is another great example of what a dark elf’s ensemble could look like.

Regardless of what type of fantasy elf you choose to turn into, there are many aspects of an elf’s style to look at. From your pointed ears to the weapon you carry, you can create a distinctive look that fits your character and its background. With this post, we hope that you have enough information to dress up or style yourself as an elf for a LARP event, fantasy battle, or Renaissance faire.

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