Wired Black Hilt Rapier

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Even nobles carried rapiers, as much for personal defense as for the appeal that a nice one could bring to your attire. This Wired Black Hilt Rapier is one such rapier that brings fancy design to the table, while still looking quite capable in a fight. This rapier features a long, narrow, needle-like blade of stainless steel, echoing the look of the classic dueling sword, while also featuring a cast-metal guard that provides plenty of defense. The blades ricasso is wrapped in a shell guard for defense and for potential sword-trapping, while the wide quillons help to add to the rapiers defensive ability. Finally, a swept guard wraps around the grip, to protect the hand from any potentially stray blows that might come. The grip is wrapped in black leather and adorned with a silver-wire wrap throughout, which along with the grooved, scent stopper pommel, enhances the appeal of the rapier greatly. Included with the sword is a black scabbard, for keeping the blade safe and secure. Its impressive look makes this Wired Black Hilt Rapier one suitable for display, as it will surely captivate all those who see it, just as its look makes it a fine choice to carry at your side, too, whenever you need a realistic looking weapon for your costume or attire.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • An Iconic and Classic Looking Renaissance Rapier
  • Blade is Crafted in Stainless Steel
  • Cast Steel Guard Echoes a Swept Hilt Design
  • Grip is Wrapped in Black Leather with Silver Wire Inlay
  • Includes a Leather Wrapped Black Sheath
  • A Great Display Piece or Costume Weapon


  • Blade Length: 36.75 Inches
  • Overall Length: 43.5 Inches

1 review for Wired Black Hilt Rapier

  1. Damien Bertwell (verified owner)

    Really cool sword. Perfect for a costume. It’s really long so it’s difficult to draw if you have short arms.

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