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What elf costume would be complete without the right costume accessories? Check out our Elf Ears, Costumes, and Accessories category. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we are proud to offer you a great selection of costumes and costume accessories perfect for finishing off any elf look. Many of our elven costumes are LOTR-themed allowing you to easily become an elf from the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. Our elven costumes are perfect for Halloween, costume parties, and other dress-up occasions. No elf should be without some pointy ears. We have pointed elven ears that you can add to any elf costume. There are elf ears for dark elves and high elves, as well as larger and smaller ears for elves of various sizes. To add and remove the elf ears to your head, there is spirit gum and spirit gum remover.

We have elven wigs ideal for becoming dark or elemental elves. Some of our wigs are designed specifically for certain LOTR characters such as Legolas, Arwen, and more. Many of the elven ears that we feature comes from the popular brand Epic Armoury. Most of the pieces are latex. In addition to ears, there are costume prop weapons. Many of them are ideal for dressing up as your favorite LOTR or Hobbit character. We also feature elf trophy masks for a more macabre elven theme. Make sure to stop by Medieval Collectibles to shop our Elf Ears, Costumes, and Accessories category. There is sure to be something here that will help you finish off your elven costume or elvish outfit. Complete your look so that you can look your elven best for your next LARP event, Renaissance faire, cosplay convention, fantasy festival, or any other occasion.

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