Dressing as a Dungeons and Dragons Fighter

Dressing as a DnD Fighter

When you want to dress as a Dungeons and Dragons Warrior or Fighter, there are many parts to consider. This character class is perhaps one of the most diverse when it comes to the background available to the character. We give a basic example of a Warrior character’s ensemble with some weapon and accessory options. You can take this outfit beyond DnD and use it for a variety of medieval themed events. It works great for LARP events as well as reenactments depending on your weapon and armour choices. We give a few different weapon options for both occasions.

To begin with, when dressing as a warrior, there are two contexts to look at. The first is battle mode, the look that you imagine that your character has when in battle. Then, the second is the adventuring mode or out-of-battle mode. What may be useful in one may not be useful in the other. Armour is perhaps the easiest example of this as it is highly important in battle but may be cumbersome outside of it. Our sample Fighter outfit is in battle mode.


For any outfit, including for a DnD warrior, you will need a base layer. This is the beginning layer that the rest of your battle outfit will build upon. It is also most likely to be the look that your warrior has outside of battle unless they go everywhere in their battle look. Our sample warrior wears the Bastian Shirt, Kasimir Canvas Trousers, and the Raimund Boots. These are good staple pieces that can fit a variety of aesthetics and so work with different character backgrounds. In addition, our warrior is wearing the George Armour Cloak. This piece adds a bit of style to the ensemble. Cloaks and capes are popular aesthetic choices for Dungeon and Dragons warriors. They can also be highly practical outside of battle. Once you have chosen your clothing, you are ready to move on.

  • Raimund Boots

    Raimund Boots

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  • George Armour Cloak

    George Armour Cloak

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  • Bastian Shirt

    Bastian Shirt

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  • Kasimir Canvas Trousers

    Kasimir Canvas Trousers

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Armour and Arming Wear

After you put on your clothes, next step for your warrior is armour and arming wear. Armour is vastly important for any fighter in the midst of battle. Meanwhile, arming wear helps to cushion said armour. Armour can cause pinching and rubbing if there is no barrier between it and the skin. Our warrior is wearing the Blackened Balthasar Armour Set and the Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet. Underneath the armour, they have on the Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set, the Arthur Padded Greaves, and the Arthur Padded Coif.

While our Dungeons and Dragons warrior wears a dark-colored ensemble, both light and dark armour are perfectly good options for any DnD fighter. It just depends on your character’s backstory and the general aesthetic that you are going for. The armour style you choose may also depend on the fighting style and the level of defense that they are meant to have. For example, it is theoretically possible for armour to provide less defense but allow for better dexterity. Regardless of the style of armour you choose, it is a good idea to look at arming wear to help cushion your armour. After arming wear and armour, it is time to look at weapons.

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    Blackened Balthasar Armour Set

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  • Arthur Padded Coif

    Arthur Padded Coif

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  • Arthur Padded Greaves

    Arthur Padded Greaves

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  • Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set

    Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set

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  • Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet

    Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet

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Melee weapons are popular choice for Dungeons and Dragons fighters. There are different fighting styles, regardless of whether you are wielding LARP weapons or real weapons. Dual wielding, a weapon with a shield, and two-handed weapons are all possible options in addition to the traditional single-handed weapons. We have created a few options of weapons to wield. For instance, short swords can allow for the possibility of dual wielding. One option for this is the Knights Riding Sword.

For weapons and shields, we offer the possibility of wielding the Cruciform Knights Sword with the Teutonic Stripe Shield for functional fighting. For LARP fighting, you can wield the Heinrich LARP Longsword with the Marauder LARP Kite Shield. Of course, swords are not the only thing you can wield with swords. You can wield axes like the Battle Ready Viking Axe. Any of these weapons work for single weapon wielding as well.

If you are looking to wield a two-handed option, there are many choices. For example, you could wield a hammer like the Dorgen LARP War Hammer. There is also the classic choice of a sword such as the Bastard Sword. Really, the choice depends on your Dungeons and Dragons characters background and preferred fighting style.

  • Teutonic Stripe Shield

    Teutonic Stripe Shield

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  • Kohlberg Imperial Two-Handed LARP Hammer

    Kohlberg Imperial Two-Handed LARP Hammer

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  • Marauder LARP Kite Shield

    Marauder LARP Kite Shield

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    Battle Ready Viking Axe

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    Bastard Sword

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    Knights Riding Sword

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  • Dorgen LARP War Hammer

    Dorgen LARP War Hammer

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  • Heinrich LARP Longsword

    Heinrich LARP Longsword

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With armour and weapons, there comes accessories that help with making them more functional. For example, our warrior is wearing the Blackened Balthasar Armour Set. This armour set includes tassets. These require a belt to be worn. We offer many tassets with a similar setup. Thus, a highly useful accessory for a warrior/fighter would be a belt. Our warrior is wearing the Mattis Belt. Another useful accessory for any Dungeons and Dragons warrior, especially if they wield a sword and don’t want to hold it outside of battle, would be a sword frog or harness. One such option for the frog is the Black Sword Frog, right or left handed.

  • Sale! Black Sword Frog - Left Hand

    Black Sword Frog – Left Hand

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  • Sale! Black Sword Frog - Right Hand

    Black Sword Frog – Right Hand

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  • Mattis Belt

    Mattis Belt

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Hopefully this post gives you an idea of where to begin when it comes to dressing as a Dungeons and Dragons Warrior or Fighter. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to this character class. Choose your clothing, weapons, and armour. With some accessories, you can also add style and functionality to your look, no matter what your character’s aesthetic is. What you choose will depend on what type of event you are going to. This warrior outfit works for a variety of events, from LARP battles to Ren faires, reenactments, and more.

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