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Warriors of all sorts require padding when they head out to battle. Check out the Arming Wear Sets on offer at Medieval Collectibles. Our arming wear is great for those who regularly wear steel or leather armour. These sets feature a variety of pieces. Many of the sets cover your head and torso as well as your arms and legs. These sets are especially useful for warriors who wear head to toe steel armour. Some sets cover just the arms and legs which is ideal for those with a lightweight armour design. These sets come in different colors such as ecru, black, or brown. All of them have padding to protect the wearer. Most of the pieces are cotton on the outside. Many of the pieces have polyester for the padding. These sets come from a wide variety of brands. For example, we have multiple sets from House of Warfare, Mytholon, Windlass, and more. You are sure to save when you choose to purchase a bundle all at once rather than buying each piece individually. They also make it easier for you to create a cohesive style when you are creating a medieval, fantasy, or Viking outfit. The pieces also work well with any Renaissance warrior costume. No matter if you are heading to a historical reenactment, Renaissance festival, LARP event, or taking part in a stage production, these Arming Wear Sets will work for many occasions. Make sure that you check out our selection. There is sure to be something that catches your eye.

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