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Ten Ryu has an array of Japanese swords. This great selection of swords includes handmade katanas, wakizashis, and shirasayas. There are functional and decorative swords. Many of the samurai swords are battle-ready. The functional swords have high-carbon steel blades. Meanwhile, other Ten Ryu swords are decorative. Many of these decorative swords have medium-carbon steel blades. Whether you want to take them to the battlefield or use them to practice your swords skills, the functional blades are a great option. Meanwhile, the decorative swords are ideal for displaying in your home or office. They look great added to any weaponry display.

No matter if the Ten Ryu swords are functional or decorative, the swords feature the curved blade common to Japanese swords. The traditionally styled katanas and wakizashis have decorated tsuba. The tsuba features a different design for each sword. For example, one sword will have a flower design on the tsuba, while another may feature a dragon motif or a warrior design. Then, the Ten Ryu swords continue with either real or imitation ray skin, also called same, on their handles. Fabric wraps around the handles. The wrapping can be either silk or cotton. Also, some of the katanas and wakizashis will even come with a matching scabbard, a sword bag, or even a traditional Japanese sword cleaning kit. Make sure to stop by and shop the array of Ten Ryu swords available. There is sure to be a sword that suits your taste. These Japanese-style swords also work well as gifts.

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