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If you are looking for our broadest selection of LARP gear , then you will definitely want to check out our Epic Armoury LARP weapons section. Epic Armoury provides us with a staggering and utterly awesome array of weaponry from different periods and inspirations, so much so that here, you are bound to quickly find a weapon that fits your needs.

Constructed from a fiberglass core wrapped in tough foam and strong latex, and capped with a Kevlar tip, all of our Epic Armoury products are extremely durable; they will withstand the test when used quickly during live action role-playing (LARP) games, or when used as practice gear or even if used as a quick theater or movie prop.

And whether you need quick medieval, oriental, or futuristic gear, you will find them all here: we have axes, swords, pole arms, and shields, as well as several beautiful items that are a perfect fit if you’re throwing Steampunk-themed games or futuristic games that require a more post-apocalyptic touch.

If you are already a connoisseur of LARP armory, and Epic Armoury clothing is your joy, then do a quick check here. And if you are new to all this then you cannot go wrong with something from our Epic Armoury selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Foam Is Used in Epic Armoury and LARP Weapons?

All Epic Armoury foams are made of closed cell material that is light, durable, and shred-resistant. Those that want to do a quick DIY of their own epic armor can use foam LARP armor from Epic Armoury, which comes in soft and hard foam. The density you choose depends on the kind of battlegear you want to create.

For instance, you may get the soft foam for axes and hammerheads, since it is thick and flexible enough to achieve the desired shape quickly. Since the hard type is harder to bend, it’s perfect for creating the finer details on top of the soft-foamed weapon.

How to Make Epic Armoury and LARP Gear From Foam?

Here’s a quick rundown on how to create your own epic armory using our products:

  1. Carve the material into its desired shape and apply heat to maintain it. Leave a good area of the core to preserve its safety.
  2. Do a quick dip of the gear into latex and leave to dry.
  3. Apply a quick coat to the equipment with a thin layer of silicone to avoid drying out the surface. This will avoid a quick deterioration of your weaponry.
  4. Wrap the handle with leather or your desired cloth to polish the look quickly.

Are Epic Armoury Products Long-Lasting?

Our clothing and accessories are made of high-quality material, like leather, which can withstand the tests of time with proper care. In the case of our battlegear, their lifespan depends on the level of combat involved. For instance, our Ready for Battle selection is intended for quick, light-touch games while our Stronghold range is designed for heavy combat, which is the more maintenance-free selection.

Extend the lifespan of your Epic Armoury gear by avoiding the following:

  • Leaving them out in the rain or under the sun, which can quickly damage the leather
  • Leaving them at the mercy of pets or small children
  • Throwing them against hard surfaces
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