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Elevate your LARP game with Ateliers Nemesis LARP Swords & Weapons. Based in Canada, Ateliers Nemesis handcrafts high end LARP weapons with utmost attention to detail, handling, durability, and safety. When the LARP battlefield calls, answer it with an Ateliers Nemesis LARP sword in hand.

Innovative construction techniques result in superior handling, as many of their swords and daggers have unique weighting in their hilts, providing a realistic point of balance. Slash and even parry with confidence, as their shred resistant foam weapons have reinforced cores for both structure and safety.

Their Athena line LARP weapons includes LARP daggers and knives as well as swords. Their cutting-edge thermoforming construction process creates a foam fused blade that is durable yet soft and safe for battle. And their latex-free coatings help ensure longevity to your investment.

With over a decade of experience and with artisans who have specialized in fields like costuming, cinematic prop and set building, and leatherworking, these LARP weapons are made with great attention to realistic feel, historical research, and imaginative detail. Let the Ateliers Nemesis LARP swords & weapons here inspire your next kit or add something amazing to your existing characters and builds.

Memory: 89.8047MB (17.54% of 512MB)
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