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Pirate Swords

While flintlocks and blunderbusses might misfire or fail to go off, there is no such danger with a trusty pirate sword or dagger! We carry fantastic pirate cutlasses, pirate sabers, and pirate daggers inspired by those wielded during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Our decorative and functional swords include boarding sabers, companion swords, pirate hangers, and other swashbuckler blades. Our buccaneer cutlasses often feature straight or slightly curved blades along with cupped or basket-shaped guards.

Pirates blades were often used for intimidation as well as combat. And when it came to close combat, pirate daggers were a necessity. Our buccaneer daggers and captain’s daggers will suit collectors and reenactors alike with their high-quality constructions and eye-catching details.

Take a moment to browse through this category, as our pirate swords and daggers are great for reenactments, stage productions, display, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Were Pirates, Really?

The term “pirates” broadly encompasses numerous groups, whose distinctions are sometimes blurred.

  • Privateers were like private navies commissioned by governments to raid enemy ships. Their reward was a percentage from the looted cargo. During the War of 1812, the Americans used privateering as a critical strategy against the United Kingdom.
  • Buccaneers operated in the Caribbean Sea (the “pirates of the Caribbean”) and targeted galleons with their hauls of gold, spices, and other treasures heading to Spain.
  • Corsairs considered the Mediterranean Sea their turf and raided ships and settlements in North Africa. Check out the brass saber of Hayreddin Barbarossa (Red Beard).

What Is a Pirate’s Sword Called?

Cutlasses, or short swords with a single edge and a basket-shaped guard, have been associated with sailors and pirates. This type of sword is the quintessential “pirate sword.”

Historical accounts and books have documented the use of cutlasses by pirates. Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, a leading figure in the Golden of Piracy, and his crew were seen with cutlasses. Check out our replica of the decorative Blackbeard pirate cutlass.

Why Did Pirates Use Cutlasses?

The cutlass was their weapon of choice for hand-to-hand fights. With its short blade, the sword made slashing easier in a tight space, like the ship deck. The cutlass also did not require specialized training to handle compared to other swords.

When not used in combat, the sword was an all-around implement. In the Caribbean, the cutlass refers to a machete used for agricultural purposes.

What Kind of Swords Did Pirates Use?

Popular culture depicts pirates as skilled in crossing swords. They used rapiers, sabers, scimitars, and other swords they could get their hands on. Knives, machetes, daggers, axes, and pikes also featured heabily in combat.

How Long Is a Pirate Sword?

The standard length of a pirate cutlass is approximately 70 centimeters, or two feet. Its weight is around two pounds.

Choose from our collection of pirate swords on this page. Get yourself a battle-ready weapon, a decorative sword with a steel blade, or a historical sword’s quality replica.

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