Protect your hands in style with our quality leather gauntlets. Most of our leather gauntlets are made from quality leather, which ensures long life and durability. Medieval Collectibles leather gauntlets will protect your hands and wrists in sword fighting. We have full leather gauntlets and half gauntlets available. Our leather gauntlets come in various colors, sizes, and styles. Medieval Collectibles has leather gloves to provide a better handling of your medieval sword too.

Conqueror's Bracers
Conqueror’s Bracers

item # RT-153

These bracers go above and beyond typical leather bracers. Not only are the Conquerors Bracers a great piece of armor to wear, but they are also extremely sturdy, thanks to their construction from both leather and metal.

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Dark Lord's Gauntlets
Dark Lord’s Gauntlets

item # RT-141

Sometimes, gauntlets offer more than good hand protection. In the case of these Dark Lords Gauntlets, they look as though they will double as effective weapons, not to mention impressive devices that will intimidate your foes.

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Decius Leather Gauntlets
Decius Leather Gauntlets

item # MY100175

How does a small cut to the hand make a firm grip painfully unbearable? Steady hands are required for powered strikes. Avoid this unfortunate situation, and properly fortify these important limbs with the Decius Leather Gauntlets.

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Iron Warrior Arm Bracers
Iron Warrior Arm Bracers

item # DK6076

Are you an iron warrior? Now you can be, when you armor yourself with these Iron Warrior Arm Bracers. Inspired by a certain billionaire turned superhero, these bracers offer a colorful way to complete your own armored appearance.

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Knightly Leather Half Gauntlets
Knightly Leather Half Gauntlets

item # DK5301

Leather half gauntlets provide great protection for your wrist and the top of your hand when sword fighting. Made of 13/15 oz. leather, they are suitable for SCA and LARP. They are offered in one size but are available in many colors.

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Leather Samurai Bracers
Leather Samurai Bracers

item # RT-228

Embodying the style of the armour worn by samurai warriors in medieval era Japan, the Leather Samurai Bracers are designed for use in LARP battles or light reenactment by those seeking to accurately portray a samurai.

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Leather Samurai Bracers
Leather Samurai Bracers

item # MCI-2168-1

Arm protection is a key part of any armored look. This was true in European armors as well as in oriental designs. These Leather Samurai Bracers mimic the Japanese kote, which were worn by samurai as a part their traditional armor.

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Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets
Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets

item # RT-247

The brave Nordic warrior unleashes a powerful strike with a mighty war hammer. The brunt of a sword attack hits the right hand, but the damage is minimal thanks to the protection provided by the Odomar Viking Leather Gauntlets.

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Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets
Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets

item # RT-250

Wielding a massive battle-axe, the Nordic raider rips through enemy lines. A hand catches the impact of a mighty blow, but the Odomar Viking Leather Half Gauntlets takes the brunt, allowing the warrior to concentrate on victory.

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Paladin's Bracers
Paladin’s Bracers

item # RT-159

A good paladin knows that while heavy armor provides a good defense, the best defense comes from adequate protection, skill, and technique. Wearing a good pair of bracers, like these Paladins Bracers, will keep your hands mobile.

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Praetorian Leather Bracers
Praetorian Leather Bracers

item # RT-202

Equally important as core protection to the warriors of old was hand protection. These Praetorian Leather Bracers offer protection for your hands and a revived Roman style that will make you look like a legionary or a centurion!

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Quintus Leather Bracers - Premium Version
Quintus Leather Bracers – Premium Version

item # MY100799

When clashing swords with an enemy, the arms are particularly vulnerable to attack. Protect them with the Quintus Leather Bracers to ensure victory. A well-prepared foot soldier can wear these at a faire, LARP event, or convention.

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