How to Dress as a Dungeons and Dragons Druid

How to Dress as a Dungeons and Dragons Druid

Ever wish you could become a druid from D&D? Well, with the help of our post, you will get an idea of how to dress as a Dungeons and Dragons druid. We give a bit of background on the druid character class before looking at the parts of a druid’s outfit.

To start with, a druid takes its name from ancient Celtic culture. In D&D, this base level character is restricted to a neutral alignment as well as simple weapons and light armour. They wield nature-based magic and can transform into an animal. This transformation from natural to beast form is called a Wild Shape. The beast form creates restrictions on the druid, such as an inability to use weapons. To wield magic, they often use staves or totems. Another name for a stave is a staff.

Druids can join druid circles. There are two main circles, which are the Circle of the Land and the Circle of the Moon. The Circle of the Land focuses on additional spells based on the druid’s origins. Meanwhile, the Circle of the Moon focuses more on adding to the Wild Shape ability. Additional sourcebooks have added other circles such as the Circle of the Spores. This circle has a connection to fungi as well as the cycle between life and death.

Our Choices in Circle Aesthetic

For our sample Dungeons and Dragons druid, we picked pieces that could work for many druids who may choose to join different circles. More specifically, we choose pieces that would work for members of the Circle of the Land and the Circle of the Spores. For the Circle of the Land, we imagine a connection to forests and woodland. Meanwhile, for the Circle of the Spores druid, we took inspiration from the popularly depicted fly agaric mushroom. The pieces we chose work for druids in both Circles easily, simply with choosing a different color.

Clothing Inspiration

Starting with the clothes, simplicity equals versatility when it comes to dressing as a Dungeons and Dragons druid. We chose the Valerie Canvas Blouse and the Jonathan Shirt as options for the top half of Dungeons and Dragons druid outfit. To go with the top, our druid could wear either the Ketill Canvas Pants or the Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt. All of these pieces come in a range of colors, allowing for the adjustment of aesthetics between different Circles. The skirt for example comes in red, brown, and multiple other colors. The brown lends itself to the Circle of Land, while the red works well with our chosen red and white color scheme for the Circle of Spores.

Stepping around in nature, you are going to need something to cover your feet. Our druid wears the Einhard Boots. They also have on the Bron Canvas Cloak to add an additional barrier from the elements. If you choose to wear a cloak or cape, you may want to add-on some water-repellent spray.


Any druid should have some accessories, especially when hanging out in nature. Our Dungeons and Dragon druid carries the Gerwin Backpack on their back. This backpack comes in multiple colors including bordeaux, brown, and green. Again, this piece works with both Circles mentioned previously and could work for other Circles as well. If a backpack isn’t enough carrying space or if you prefer a belt bag, then the Large Knights Pouch is a great option.

Of course, if you have a belt bag, you will need a belt to carry it on. From Dragon Forge Leather, we offer a range of belts, some with buckles and others with rings. We offer a ring belt and a buckled belt in an embossed woodland pattern. If you prefer a more streamlined look, we have the Peasants Medieval Ring Belt and the Medieval Buckle Belt. Both designs are available in a wide range of colors. This allows you to pick and choose what best suits your character, whether they are a part of the Circle of the Lands, Spores, or another one.

Staves and Totems

As mentioned earlier, druids cast their nature-bases magic through either totems or staves, aka staffs. A totem is a magical item that has origins or an association with a particular animal or creature. Totems allow for great personalization and customization. An example of a totem could be represented by some Foam Antlers or the Bone Wyverntooth Necklace. Our druid prefers to use a staff. The Wood Finish LARP Staff works well for LARPing and cosplay. If a wooden staff is preferred, we have multiple options such as the 55 Inch Timber Walking Stick and the Appalachian Chestnut Walking Cane. Any of our wooden walking sticks would look appropriate in the hand of a druid.

In addition to the staves and totems, there are other pieces that you could add to your Dungeons and Dragons druid ensemble. Any of the Epic Effect make-up would be ideal for adding some details to your face. Adventuring in the wilderness makes having a knife useful. For LARPing characters, the Coreless Ranger Knife with Scabbard is a great option. The Bowie Boot Knife is ideal for a functional knife. Also, some druids are shown wearing a head covering or headband like the Spirit of the Forest Hengeband. The Fur Trimmed Jetta Hooded Top could work as a hooded alternative.

No matter what Circle your druid decides to join or not join, we hope that this post gives you an idea of how to dress as a Dungeons and Dragons druid. While we took inspiration from two specific druid circles in the game, the pieces we chose work for a wide variety of druids. There are many different ways that you can dress as a druid.

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