Medieval Buckle Belt

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Our Medieval Buckle Belt is so good looking that our customers wear it with their everyday clothes! The belt is available two different ways. The first is our Regular Length, which is a normal buckle belt fitted to your waist size. The other is version is our Long Length, this is just like the regular length (fitted to your waist size). However it has an extra length of leather on the end of the belt. This gives the belt a great medieval look just like the ring belt but is a little bit sturdier due to the buckle. Both versions are made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. The belt is 1.5 inches wide. It is available in black and brown, and special color requests, such as red, green, blue and natural, are welcome as well. You also have your choice of silver (steel) or gold (brass) hardware. If you are looking for a simple, functional belt at an excellent price, this is it!

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Top Quality Leather
  • A Great Accessory for any Medieval or Renaissance Outfit
  • Available in a variety of Colors and Sizes

Long option increases belt length by 15 inches.

WaistBelt WidthRegular LengthLong Length
Small28-35 inches1.5 inches40.5 inches
Medium33-40 inches1.5 inches45.5 inches
Large38-45 inches1.5 inches
X-Large43-50 inches1.5 inches

7 reviews for Medieval Buckle Belt

  1. Chris M.

    Works great for festivals

  2. Tiffanie D.

    Excellent! Works great. I just wish the brass matched the bag I purchased as well. Overall its worth it!

  3. Jonathan B.

    It’s a belt. You can hold your pants up with it and hang stuff on it at the same time. It serves its purpose well

  4. Charles G.

    I like my new belt. It was definitely more reasonably priced than the belts at Faire. I ordered a long belt, and should have thought that one through better. The extra length looks very medieval, but doesn’t fit as well with my Renaissance Puritan. I still plan on using this belt for some time to come!

  5. J.R. H.

    This belt is great because of the option for the long version of the belt. It fits great and the extra length wraps up nicely for a cool look.

  6. uberblockhead (verified owner)

    Amazing look and feels great used this to hold my Triple Throwing knife holster and gives me such a cool feeling Gruber is very happy with this product I bought two of these one for me Gruber and one for Ludvig

  7. kuntz1 (verified owner)

    I needed a belt immediately (with plans to buy another when I had more cash to devote to the model I want eventually), so I chose this belt. I am not a bit disappointed, as it turns out this belt is great unto itself. It is sturdy, made with an excellent grain leather. I chose my regular waist size, with the “long option”. So very glad I did; as this belt looks very medieval with the excess length nicely tied, and hanging. The price is excellent as well. This belt is plenty solid enough to hang my 3-pound+ longsword from, as well as a semi-heavy medieval war dagger. In addition to those arms, I daresay this belt would accommodate any other pouch, or coin-purse, or other accoutrement one would wish to hang from it also. It’s strong, decent looking in the black color I picked, and very functional…and did I mention that the price is great? 🙂 Very satisfied with it.

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