How to Create a Medieval Fantasy Gaming Room

How to Create a Medieval Fantasy Gaming Room

Did you ever want to make the ultimate fantasy gaming room? Maybe you just aren’t sure where to start when it comes to building your dream gaming space. No matter if you have a whole room to dedicate to your hobby, or just a corner in your living room, we are happy to help you get some ideas on how to create a medieval fantasy gaming room.

Starting with the Weapons

Of course, weapons look amazing on display and really set the atmosphere immediately. Because there are so many weapon options, you can pick what would best suit your desired aesthetic, whether that is more historical or more fantasy. For example, if you want a more Lord of the Rings or Tolkien vibe, we offer officially licensed LOTR weapon replicas of the Weta workshop props used on set. Weapons on a wall truly screams that vibe of a fantasy tavern or warrior’s home.

Medieval Fantasy Vibes on Bookshelves and Tables

Maybe you can’t or don’t feel comfortable putting a weapon out on display. Don’t worry. There is still so much that can be done with a bookshelf or table. It just depends on whether you want a more magical feel or a more medieval one. If you are looking to create the atmosphere of a witch or wizards lair, you should absolutely display some potion bottles. Sorcerers and alchemists alike require ingredients for their experiments. To add to the fantasy display but also bring in some functionality, grab a trinket box or two. There are so many kinds, and you can use them to hold your gaming dice or cards.

Beyond that, you can get bookends to hold your medieval or fantasy books. Leather journals and quills are also fun items to see on a medieval table or shelf. Why not put a dragon journal between a pair of medieval bookends? With a quill, you can write out that perfect campaign or adventure story. Statues and smaller decor pieces look perfect as accent items on shelves. If you have a bit more space, such as on a table, larger items are also ideal. For example, you could have an oak barrel. After all, you should keep hydrated while you play that fierce roleplaying campaign. Another functional option would be a lamp or lantern. Again, this can lean more towards medieval or fantasy, depending on what you want.

Going Beyond the Table

If you have more room to dedicate to that medieval or fantasy vibe that you are going for, then you can go even bigger. Armour makes another great addition to any gaming room or medieval-themed space. If you have some helmets, put them on display stands and lay them out in a row. Why not go even further with armour? There are full suits of armour that you could display. Also, any Game Master or major tabletop gaming fan should have a proper chair to sit in and watch the chaos, fun, and feels of their campaign. In addition, you can easily set the atmosphere for your space before anyone even enters. Have your players, family, and friends use a medieval or fantasy knocker to request entrance. That is a great decor piece to add as well.

Just Have a Corner?

Even if you don’t have an entire room, there is so much you can do to create that medieval fantasy vibe.  You can have some fun and medieval style with just a section of a wall. When it comes to wall décor, there are so many options. A fantasy map or plaque looks amazing. Light-up dragon plaques can even bring that sense of real-life fantasy. If you are going for more of a medieval vibe rather than a fantasy one, then you can go for hanging banners or plaques that display weapons.

Finally, no matter how much space you have or don’t have to dedicate to making that ideal gaming space, there is always a way to bring in that touch of medieval and fantasy fun. We hope that we have given you some ideas on how to create that medieval fantasy gaming room of your dreams. Of course, there are so many more options and ideas than what we have listed here. Your limit is your imagination, and we would love to see what you are able to create.

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