Mimic Man-Eating Trinket Box

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A bane to unwary adventurers, the Mimic Man-Eating Trinket Box emulates a treasure chest, waiting for a greedy dungeon explorer to approach. This Mimic has reverted to its natural draconic scaly form, perhaps feeling a bit peckish.

Crafted from cold cast bronze, this collectible notions box has been exquisitely painted to show off every scale and wart. The verdant slit pupil is framed in red and black scales, while it seems to follow you around the room due to an optical illusion.

The sides of the treasure chest are still visible, with intricate wood-grain detail. Bronze tusks and claws protrude, waiting to rend their victims into bite-size morsels. This fantasy memento box makes a terrific gift for fans of dungeon crawl roleplaying and video games. Anyone will have to think twice before reaching for this unique piece of home decor, where geek meets chic!

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted in vibrant shades
  • Depicts a Mimic with reptilian skin
  • Draconic eye peers out from treasure box
  • Displays a classic roleplaying dungeon monster
  • Makes a delightful gift or home decor item
  • Perfect for gamers and collectors


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Inside: Length 4.9 Inches, Width 3 Inches, Depth 2.75 Inches
  • Outside: Height 4.5 Inches, Depth 4 Inches

1 review for Mimic Man-Eating Trinket Box

  1. Nicolas D.

    The website cannot do justice to the awesomeness of this beasty!

    I added this box as part of a larger order not knowing what to really expect… And despite the superb quality of everything else, it actually ended up being the most stunning item of the lot!
    It’s solid, it makes some clinking noise, it’s masterfully painted, the details are perfect…

    One thing the description doesn’t tell you clearly enough (and the only reason why I didn’t put a 5-star on how the website describes it): the eye is actually following you! It is built using a simple optical trick, but I did not expect it, and it just makes it so much more alive than the pictures can tell!

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