Dressing as a Dungeons and Dragons Paladin

Dressing as a Dungeons and Dragons Paladin

One of the most popular character classes in Dungeons and Dragons is the paladin. This character class has expanded since the first edition. In the 5th edition, this character has a wider range of paths. This post looks at the character class and gives an example of how to dress up as a Dungeons and Dragons paladin.

At the beginning of Dungeons and Dragons, the paladin was heavily inspired by the legends of King Arthur, the paladins of Roland, and Christian knights on crusade. This lent itself to the initial restrictions of high ability scores and that only humans could be paladins. By the 3rd edition, paladins had to be of Lawful Good alignment and never willingly commit an evil act.

Finally, by the 5th edition, paladins were no longer restricted to the lawful good alignment and instead commit themselves to an oath. There are multiple oaths, including Oath of Ancients, Devotion, and Vengeance. They can now be of any alignment and be champions of a chosen deity but are rarely evil. Our sample warrior ensemble takes inspiration from the earlier ideals of a paladin fighting for good and the light, but this outfit works for paladins of any oath or path.

Clothing of a D&D Paladin

The clothing of a Dungeons and Dragons paladin is the easiest place to start when dressing up as one. Every warrior needs a shirt and pants. Our warrior wears the Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets along with the Kasimir Canvas Trousers. The style you choose may depend on the background of your paladin warrior. Ones with a noble background may prefer a slightly fancier style than one with a lower-class background. The style may change again depending on whether the paladin is a halfling, elf, dwarf, or another race.

Also, our sample paladin wears the Jackboots by Haddocks on their feet. After all, paladins go off on many adventures and should have some footwear ready for the journey. If you are looking to add a bit more style to your outfit, you can wear a cape along with a tabard like the Regulus Cape and George Tabard that our warrior wears. Together, these pieces create a good base layer for a D&D paladin ensemble.

Armour of a D&D Paladin

Of course, no Dungeons and Dragons paladin should be without some armour. Warriors that fight for good often wear steel armour rather than blackened armour. Our warrior wears the Vigor Armour Set. Its impressive appearance works well for a paladin. For the hands, our warrior has on the Steel Churburg Gauntlets. With these pieces, our Dungeons and Dragons paladin has the right armour and clothing outfit for battle. But what would a paladin be without a weapon?

Weapons of a D&D Paladin

The weapons of a Dungeons and Dragons paladin can vary; however, many paladins carry a sword into battle. The design and style of the paladin’s sword will depend on the background of the paladin. A medieval style works well for a variety of characters. For LARPing, the Mercenary LARP Bastard Sword is a great option. If you were looking for a steel option, then the Sage Sword With Scabbard would be ideal. For elves, a more fantasy style may be preferred over a medieval look.

If you plan on wielding a weapon in battle, ensure that you have a way to carry it. In this case, our warrior wears the Medieval Buckle Belt with the Double LARP Sword Hanger. This sword hanger makes it easy for the paladin to carry not just a sword but also a dagger as well. The Stilletto LARP Dagger works well in a LARP scenario. The Warrior Dagger makes a great steel option.

Of course, a Dungeons and Dragons paladin can carry other weapons besides daggers and swords. Hammers, maces, and spears are popular choices as well. Again, the range can be quite varied. For maces, a couple options to look at include the Morning Star and the Lucy LARP Morning Star. Some paladins prefer to wield a war hammer like the English War Hammer. If you want to carry a spear or a similar polearm, then we offer a variety of options, including the Man at Arms European Spear by Cold Steel and Ox-Tongue LARP Partisan.

In Conclusion

As a character, the Paladin is a popular class in Dungeons and Dragons. Looking at the possibilities of an outfit, it is not hard to see why someone would want to dress up as a Dungeons and Dragons paladin. Here in this post, we looked a little bit at the restrictions and changes of a paladin over the course of the different editions but also at the clothing, armour, and weapons that a paladin could wear. We hope that we have given you a range of ideas.

Dressing as a Dungeons and Dragons Paladin

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