USA Renaissance Faires, SCA, and LARP Events

USA Renaissance Faires, SCA, and LARP Events

Where do I find a medieval or Renaissance faire in the United States?

There are many medieval, Renaissance, pirate, Viking, and Celtic-themed events occuring across the USA. From Renaissance faires, to SCA and LARP events, there are so many themed occasions in the USA for you to attend. Here, we break down these events by state, making it easy for you to find what is happening in your state. Click on your state to see what is happening there!

USA Renaissance Faires, SCA, and LARP Events

What do I do at a Renaissance Faire?

Renaissance faires are filled with all sorts of fun activities. There are usually booths for food and shopping. Many Ren faires will have live music and entertainment. You can dress up in medieval clothing or wear a fantasy outfit.

USA Renaissance Faires, SCA, and LARP Events

What’s the difference between a LARP event and an SCA event?

LARP stands for live-action roleplaying. SCA stands for Society for Creative Anachronism. LARP events can cover a wide range of aesthetics and styles. They can include LARP battles. Usually, LARPers will fight with foam weapons at their battles. Meanwhile, in the USA, SCA groups will often reenact historical scenes. This can include battles. When members of SCA groups reenact, they often have high standards of historical accuracy when it comes to the clothing, weapons, and armour used.

What info can I find about a Ren faire, LARP event, or SCA event?

For each event in a state, we will give the name of the event as well as its location, the dates that it is occuring, and a link to the most up-to-date info that we can find. We try to provide the most recent info, but please be aware that event details can change. Medieval Collectibles is not responsible if the information has changed or is no longer available. In addition, we are not responsible for or affiliated with any of these events unless otherwise stated.

What if I don’t see a Ren faire or LARP event near me?

Make sure to check out the pages of nearby states or provinces for more events. For example, if you live in Southern Indiana, events in Northern Kentucky could be on your radar. We sort events by the state or province. Many events are close to state or national borders.

USA Renaissance Faires, SCA, and LARP Events

Don’t see an event that you know about?

Please let us know! You can help us add to our list of LARP, Renaissance faires, and SCA events in the USA by reaching out to us via phone, email, or through our live chat. Contact us here.

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