Nebraska Renaissance Faires, SCA, and LARP Events


What medieval and Renaissance events can I go to in Nebraska?

There are quite a few! Here is a list of the Renaissance faires, SCA, and LARP events that are happening in Nebraska! We list each event by the event type, making it much easier for you to find the kind of event you are looking for. We list upcoming events and recurring yearly events. Check back regularly for future events! We update this page as events pass and more info for other events becomes available to us.


Event Name




Nebraska Renaissance FaireRiverwest Park, Omaha, Nebraska08-26-2023 – 08-27-2023


Event Type

Event Name




SCACalontir Fall Coronation21220 Elkhorn Dr, Elkhorn, NE 6802210-08-2022

What info do you have about Renaissance faires and LARP events in Nebraska?

Next, we list the name of the event, its place, the date or dates that it occurs, and a link to the most up-to-date info that we can find. Then, the event names and other info is based on what is listed freely online by the event. We try to make it easy for you to find these events all in one place.

Please keep in mind that while we try to provide the most recent info, event details can change. Due to this, Medieval Collectibles is not responsible if the info has changed or is no longer available. In addition, we are not responsible for or affiliated with any of these events unless otherwise stated.

What happens at a LARP event or Renaissance faire?

People have fun at both of these events. When it comes to LARP, or Live-Action Roleplaying, many of these events are LARP battles. They involve people dressed up in costume as a character. LARPers will create their own unique character. At a LARP battle, these characters will fight in a group, usually with foam weapons. The main point of a LARP battle is to have fun in safety.

Meanwhile, a Renaissance faire is a festival with a medieval or Renaissance theme. They will have vendors for food and fun things to buy. There is often live entertainment and music. You can usually dress up for these faires. Some events may restrict what kind of accessories or items you can bring. Make sure to check with the LARP group or Ren faire about any restrictions before going to ensure that you are able to enjoy the event to the fullest.

What can I do at an SCA event?

SCA stands for Society for Creative Anachronism. This group focuses on historical reenactments. They can cover different eras, from Vikings to Renaissance and more. While the exact rules vary from group to group, they strive for as much historical accuracy as possible. Many SCA events will be battles. On the other hand, others focus on the artistic and scientific aspects of reenacting. In fact, many groups will have events dedicated to these topics. Further, SCA generally favors historical accuracy. Thus it is most important to first make sure to reach out to your local organizations to find out all their rules and activities.

What if I don’t see a Ren faire or LARP event near me in Nebraska?

Don’t forget to look at nearby states like Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota! They may have events close to you as well. Please keep in mind that we list events by the state or province. Many events are close to state or national borders. In addition, SCA and LARP organizations will often have events that are intended for people from further away. You can contact local SCA or LARP organizers to find out if there are other events that you could attend. Of course, you can always check out events across the United States and Canada.

Don’t see an event that you know is happening?

That’s great! Please help us expand our list of Renaissance faires, LARP, and SCA events in Nebraska. Reach out to us via phone, email, or through our live chat. Contact us here! We are happy to add events to our list!

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