Renaissance Faire, SCA, and LARP Event Directory

Renaissance Faire, SCA, and LARP Event Directory

Where can I find a Renaissance faire, LARP event, or SCA event?

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we have put together a directory of all sorts of medieval and Renaissance-themed events. This event directory covers Renaissance faires, LARP events, and SCA events as well. We also list other events. These events cover a wide variety of aesthetics. There are events for pirates, fairies, and Vikings as well as events with a Celtic or Renaissance theme. Click on a country to see Renaissance faires, festivals, LARP, and SCA activities held there.

What activities are there at a Renaissance Faire?

When it comes to a Renaissance faire, there are so many things to do. Most Ren faires and festivals will have booths for food and shopping. These foods will often be themed around medieval feasts. There is usually live performances and music at a Ren faire. Part of the fun includes dressing up in costume. You can look medieval or have a fantasy outfit.

What do I do at LARP event?

Have fun! Seriously though, most LARP events, or Live-Action Role-Playing, will feature people dressed up as their character, often their own creation. Many LARP events are battles where people will fight with foam weapons. While the rules differ from group to group, the basic foundation to any LARP battle is having fun while keeping safe in the process. It isn’t fun for people to get hurt after all. Renaissance Faire, SCA, and LARP Event Directory

What is SCA?

SCA stands for Society for Creative Anachronism. This is a group, based mostly in the USA, that focuses on historical reenactments. Many SCA groups will have specific standards about historical accuracy when it comes to the clothing, food, weapons, armour, and gear used in their events. Renaissance Faire, SCA, and LARP Event Directory

What faire, LARP, or SCA event info do you have?

Our directory breaks down by country and then by province or state. For each state, we give the name of the event, its address, dates, and a link to the most update info we can find. Please keep in mind that while we try to give updated information about these events, details can change. Please check the links to the event pages for the most up-to-date info. We are not responsible if the information has changed or is no longer available. Renaissance Faire, SCA, and LARP Event Directory

Are you affiliated with these groups or events?

Medieval Collectibles is not responsible for or affiliated with any of these events unless otherwise stated.

Don’t see a Faire, LARP, or SCA event that you know about?

Great! Please let us know! You can help us add to our LARP, Renaissance faire, and SCA event directory by reaching out to us via phone, email, or through our live chat. You can also contact us here.

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