Wilma Medieval Maiden Outfit

From: $91.00 $86.45

Wilma Wool Dress

Mattis Belt

Wolfram Wool Hood

Denarius Leather Pouch

Jadwiga Ladies Loafers

Whether you plan on venturing out on a grand journey or simply plan on attending the local market, make sure you don the Wilma Medieval Maiden Outfit. This medieval womens outfit includes a dress and belt. The dress comes in three colors and a range of sizes. The belt comes in either brown or black. Add the optional accessories for additional flair. These optional items include a wool hood, a pouch, and a pair of shoes. They are sure to complete your medieval look. Together, all of the pieces make it easy for you to create a cohesive look. Best of all, you will save 5% on the ensemble. Wear the Wilma Medieval Maiden Outfit to a Renaissance faire, roleplaying event, or historical reenactment. It looks great with a variety of characters.

Key Features:

  • Includes a dress and belt
  • Save 5% on entire set
  • Easy way to create a cohesive look
  • Multiple optional accessories
  • Especially great for roleplaying or cosplay events

Here is what you get:

  • Wilma Wool Dress #MY100701
  • Mattis Belt #MY100322

Optional Accessories:

  • Wolfram Wool Hood #MY100900
  • Denarius Leather Pouch #MY101299
  • Jadwiga Ladies Loafers #MY100953


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