Leather Samurai Armour

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Immerse yourself in your role as a samurai warrior when your wear the Leather Samurai Armour. This beautiful armour includes a cuirass and pauldrons, which both feature a spectacular plated design to maintain superb flexibility. Built for use in LARP battles or reenactments, this LARP armour is designed to prevent any feeling of constriction during battle due to its plated style, which allows the lames to shift with your movements. Leather straps are used to secure this cuirass to the body, each buckling at the back to keep the front of this armor sleek in its appearance. The leather pauldrons attach in a similar fashion, through use of leather straps which reside under the arms. Each plate is crafted from 9-10 oz. leather and are attached to one another by use of leather laces, which also decorate the face of the armor. Display your honor and individuality as a warrior in your next LARP battle by wearing the Leather Samurai Armour.

Key Features:

  • Includes pauldrons
  • Crafted from 9-10 oz. leather
  • Emulates authentic samurai style armor
  • Highly adjustable through use of leather straps
  • Uses nickel or antique brass hardware, depending on color scheme
  • Extraordinary for use in LARPing or reenactments
  • Exceptionally high quality armour


  • Medium: Fits 32 to 38 Inch chests
  • Large: Fits 38 to 44 Inch chests
  • X-Large: Fits 44 to 50 Inch chests
  • XX-Large: Fits 50 to 56 Inch chests
  • Pauldrons: One size fits most
  • Overall Weight: 9 lbs.

1 review for Leather Samurai Armour

  1. Joshua W.

    Excellent armor. Ordered for a brother of mine for blunted steel combat. Holds up extremely well and is very comfortable when matched with the Arthur long gambson.

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