Leather Biohazard Mempo Mask


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If you find yourself fighting zombies, or monsters and mutants of any kind, a face mask can be a life-saver. This Leather Biohazard Mempo Mask combines an old Japanese protection with a modern twist to suit just such a need. This mempo is made entirely from high quality leather, molded into a mask shape that covers the nose, cheeks, and chin when worn. Accenting its design is a biohazard shaped cut-out on either side of the central stitching, giving it a perfect flourish of apocalyptic design. Attached to the mask are suede straps for easy wearing. Don this Leather Biohazard Mempo Mask to give yourself a bit of protection, as well as a stylish element that is sure to evoke thoughts of the apocalypse, zombie and mutants included.

Key Features:

  • Hand-crafted here in the USA, in our shop
  • Made from high quality leather
  • Inspired by the face-mask armor of Japanese descent
  • Made with a molded, stiff design
  • Features a biohazard cut-out symbol on either side
  • Features two 14 inch straps for easy wearing

One Size6 inches10.5 inches


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