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Ahoy, there! If you are looking for the perfect pair of pirate boots to set off your roguish swashbuckler ensemble, then you have come to the right place. We carry a wide selection of high quality pirate footwear suitable for any character that sails the high seas. These buccaneer boots are made from fine materials like genuine leather and faux leather, and many come in black or brown color options. A number of these pirate boots feature a folded cuff along the top, and several display large buckles, buttons, or lacings as details. Now you can dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow, Mary Read, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, or Blackbeard himself for your next Halloween party or theatrical performance. With a pair of these leather privateer boots, you can look like a positively rakish sailor or a dashing commodore with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about why these boots are essential for pirates!

Why Do Pirate Boots Have Cuffs?

It’s all in the name of functional design. Not only do cuffs highlight the leather material of the boot, it serves as a good way to keep water out of the footwear as well!

How to Make Pirate Boots?

For a quick DIY approach on creating these amazing boots, all you’d need is a pair of boots and some faux leather material. Cut the faux leather into flaps. These flaps should serve as the pirate boot’s cuffs. That’s as easy as it gets! Just make sure that your faux leather is the same color as your boots!

Some of Our Top Picks From Our Collection

The best shoes for your costume! Here are some great recommendations that’ll be perfect for buccaneers!

Jackboots by Haddocks

Both male and female swashbucklers are in for a treat with these leather pirate boots! Choose to wear this pair either folded over or up high. Comfort and safety aren’t compromised! The tough rubber sole assures you that you won’t slip.

First Mate Boots

Perfect for the second-in-command, this men’s pirate boot offers both stability and style. The black leather hue goes well with almost all pirate attire!

Ornate Buccaneer Boots

Shiver me timbers! This men’s pirate boots brings about a sense of adventure! Comfortable and durable, these jackboots are great for sailing the seven seas!

Prescott Jackboots

Walk the plank with style at your next LARP event! With men’s pirate boots that are both functional and stylish, you’re bound to leave a lasting impression!

Black Raven Leather Boots

Ladies, don’t worry. This isn’t a pirate boots men’s collection! This pair introduces a deadly charm — great for a femme fatale persona!

Regal Captain Boots

The best men’s pirate costumes are all about the details. This impressive pair takes styling a level higher with its removable sash!

Lady’s Brigadier General Boots

All hail our lady captain! Be the leading lady during LARP events with this elegant yet functional pair. Comes with intricate buckles and straps for a genuine look and feel!

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