Dragomir Spaulders

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You call your fellow soldiers to fall in line and get ready for battle. Already prepared, you wear the Dragomir Spaulders to guard your shoulders. Made from 18 gauge steel, these polished spaulders come as a pair. Each spaulder secures to the arm with a strap. There is also a loop on the back for attaching to the cuirass (MY101061), sold separately. The spaulders feature a unique, overlapping design which gives the wearer greater mobility in battle.

First, the design consists of five overlapping sections for each spaulder. Rivets connect every section to leather straps on the back. The bottom four sections, which are closer to the elbow, have a dual piece construction. The top piece of each of these sections has a bottom edge that slopes downward. Then, the bottom edge turns into a concave curve in the middle. This top piece overlaps the second piece. The second piece continues the sloped edge into a rounded point. Rivets secure the two pieces together.

Next, the top section has a four-piece construction. There are two back pieces riveted together. The very top piece secures to the internal strap. Also, it has a wavy top edge. This top piece overlaps the second back piece. The second back piece has the same design as the other four sections of the spaulder. It has the concave edge and rounded point. In the front, the very top piece also secures to a front piece. This front piece has an inverted scalloped bottom edge. It also has a wavy top edge. Embossed curves adorn both the front and back sections. Wear these Dragomir Spaulders into your next LARP battle or look ferocious at a Renaissance faire.

Key Features:

  • Sold as a pair
  • Unique overlapping design
  • Better mobility for the wearer
  • Secures with straps
  • Great for roleplaying and cosplay events


  • Made from 18 gauge steel and leather

Care Instructions:

Measurements are approximate.

Upper WidthLower WidthOverall LengthArm Circumference
One Size20.5 inches10.5 inches14.5 inches14.75-26.25 inches

2 reviews for Dragomir Spaulders

  1. schwartzq73 (verified owner)

    These look absolutely fabulous with the Dragomir Cuirass and hook in with no issue. Do make sure you have someone to help you suit up though as it may be hard to fully strap in yourself. Also, I may be wearing it wrong or missing something, but the top shoulder piece hangs somewhat loose by a single leather strap and I’m fairly concerned it may come off one day. I’m definitely a noob to metal armor though, so I can’t dock it for that, but it’s not obvious in the pictures, so I figured I’d point it out.

  2. shadowrunner52 (verified owner)

    These spaulders look wicked cool and go great with the rest of the Dragomir set. They attach securely at the shoulder and around the arm. The straps are long like the rest of the set but it’s easy enough to cut them to length. Better too long than too short. They were well packaged and arrived quickly. A definite must to complete your Dragomir set.

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