Dragomir Cuirass

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You walk through villages, ever vigilant for monsters and evil creatures. You wear the Dragomir Cuirass to protect you from a surprise attack by them. Made from 18 gauge steel, this cuirass comes with a polished finish. It features front and back plates connected with leather straps. There are two straps on each side. These straps help to secure the cuirass on the wearer and slightly adjust the fit. Both the front and back plates feature a buckle for attaching other pieces of armour such as the gorget (MY101055), not included. They also have a round neckline with rolled edging.

Next, the front and back sections have a unique overlapped design for greater mobility. The front plate has six sections. Internal leather straps connect the different sections to each other. Rivets secure the sections to the straps. All of the sections have the same dual piece construction. The bottom piece for every section has a curved point on the bottom edge. Also, rivets connect the bottom piece to only the top piece of its section. It does not connect to the internal straps. The top piece of each section features sloped sides that end in a concave curve. The sharpness of the curve varies between the different sections. For example, the sections higher on the torso have a more pronounced curve. The curve is less sharp on the sections near the hips.

The back section has five sections. These sections also have a dual piece design. However, instead of the top pieces having a concave bottom edge, they feature a gentler curved point than the bottom pieces. In addition, the back plate has two raised, round shapes near the shoulder blades. Finally, embossed curves decorate every section. The pointed pieces have vertical curves. The other pieces have horizontal ones. The Dragomir Cuirass looks fantastic at your next faire, LARP battle, or cosplay convention.

Looking for the other pieces of this armour set? Check out the Dragomir Steel Armour Set (ARMOUR-S15) for the matching armour.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

When purchasing armour pieces, in order for the pieces to be compatible, it is best to stay within the brand.

Key Features:

  • Secures with straps and buckles
  • Designed for greater mobility
  • Polished finish
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Wonderful for roleplaying events


  • Made from 18 gauge mild steel and leather

Care Instructions:

Front WidthFront LengthBack WidthBack Length
Medium25.5 inches20.25 inches18.25 inches22.5 inches
Large26.75 inches21.5 inches26.5 inches24.75 inches

3 reviews for Dragomir Cuirass

  1. schwartzq73 (verified owner)

    -Looks absolutely gorgeous. Definitely gets attention in the right ways
    -Very sturdy feeling
    -Articulating, overlapping plate design allows for some flexibility
    -Straps feel supple and durable
    -Came HEAVILY oiled, so there was not a spot of rust on it (also a slight con…)
    -Comes with front and back plate, so actually not that bad of price!

    -Definitely an off the rack piece that’ll require some shaping and modifying to get it to fit correctly
    -Overlapping plate design means there are nooks that are hard to clean and it is extra heavy
    -Black coating on the backside was dissolved by oil and is flaking off all over my gambeson
    -Amount of oil on this item was absurd. It took several hours to wipe it mostly off and replace it with a thinner coat for wearing
    -Small amount of scratching but can be buffed out.

    Let me start this off by reiterating how good this piece looks. It absolutely stunned me when I got it! I’d also like to put out that this is the first set of metal armor I’ve bought, but I’m far from a newbie to costuming and cosplay. If you’re considering this set of armor, start doing squats now. My legs were absolutely burning after a few hours of walking in this, so it’s probably not very LARP-friendly unless you’re in great shape. Also, the reason for 4 stars mostly comes down to the black inside coating flaking right off (and on to my gambeson) as well as the general fit just being meh at best. I’m sure over time the black coating will all flake off and I’ll beat this set into fitting better, but for now it’s merely good, not great.

  2. schelmskorpionn8715 (verified owner)

    Ive no purchased the complete suit of armor. Every piece is beautifully crafted. I get great comments from everybody who sees it. Rugged and heavy duty. Every piece was shipped in a timely manner and the customer service from this company is outstanding. I will continue to buy anything medieval from them. 2 thumbs way up.

  3. shadowrunner52 (verified owner)

    I’m 6 foot tall, average build, and based on the measurements I ordered the large. Apparently the large version is made for someone with the physique of The Mountain because it was huge on me. Fortunately Medieval Collectibles has the best customer service I’ve ever experience. I was able to exchange it for the medium and it fits and looks great. It is very sturdy and well put together. The straps are made of thick leather and should last a lifetime if maintained properly. I agree with the review above that there was a ton of oil on it but it was very well packaged and shipped quickly. I wish I could post a picture because I built an armor stand and I have the full set and it looks fabulous! The gambeson they recommend with the full set is very thick and heavy though and while might be good padding if you are doing SCA or LARP combat but I picked up a lighter Gustav Canvas Jacket for wearing to Renaissance Festivals.

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