15th Century Full Arm Armour

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Inspired by arm protection popular from 1450 to 1550, the 15th Century Full Arm Armour features riveted leather inlays for comfort. In addition to protection, lateral hinges at the elbows allow maximum flexibility while fighting. Leather straps offer some adjustment to the fit. This steel arm armour works great for LARP events, historical re-enactments, and even Renaissance fairs. The satin finish on this plate armour provides a slightly reflective sheen for a stunning look.

Please note that steel thickness may vary slightly due to the handcrafted methods used in the manufacture of this item.

Key Features

  • Includes 2 pieces
  • Fastens with leather straps
  • Offers excellent protection to arms
  • Great for LARP and re-enactment use


  • Made from 16 gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:


  • Overall Length:  20.5 Inches
  • Circumference: Upper Arm – 14-18.3 Inches, Wrist – 11 Inches
  • Width: 6 Inches

2 reviews for 15th Century Full Arm Armour

  1. Justus Bertoni (verified owner)

    As always, Medieval Collectibles sells quality armour; This 15th century full arm armour really brings my set together! At first, it restricted my arm movement quite significantly, but after a lot of bending, I have managed to make it almost as bendable as my real arm. The one thing I have a slight problem with is the leather straps; I would like them to be thicker, but that is just small thing. Overall, really great product. In fact, I am wearing my armour while I type this. And don’t forget: “If we ever forget that we are knights under God, then we will be knights gone under.” – Sir Justus (based on the quote by Ronald Reagan). God bless! Romans 8: 17-18

  2. Evan Hammerlund (verified owner)

    These are the absolute best arms I have ever purchased. Medieval Collectibles needs to take more photos and post them.

    The vambrace has EXCELLENT articulation with sliding rivets and the elbows offer plenty of space to move about.

    This would work well with the Aulber Canvas Gambeston alone (Item Number MY100872), or with a lighter gambeson and Leopold Padded Bracers for extra cushion (Item Number MY100141).

    You will need to punch your own holes to tie the rearbrace to your gambeson. You can easily purchase leatherworking hole punches from Tandy or a rotary punch at almost any craft store.

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