Short Medieval Corset Belt


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If you want to add a romantic and durable addition to your reenactment or faire outfit, check out the Short Medieval Corset Belt. Made from 9-10-ounce leather, this medieval kidney belt comes in three colors and five sizes. This leather corset belt is wider in the front than in the back.

The front secures with six antiqued-brass snaps. The sides and back lace up with leather ties. They run through grommets. The top and bottom have gently rounded edges in front. Wear this womens belt over the top of a blouse or dress. The Short Medieval Corset Belt adds a great finishing touch to a medieval or fantasy costume.

Key Features:

  • Comes in three colors
  • Available in five sizes
  • Secures with snaps and laces
  • Ideal for layering over pieces
  • Great for faires, LARP events, and more


  • Made from 9-10-ounce leather

Care Instructions:

  • Remove dirt with a hard brush, then gently clean with leather soap and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe away remaining water. Let dry naturally. Condition with oil or polish, then wipe with a final cloth to remove excess residue. For more information, check out our guide on How to Take Care of Leather Armour.
Measurements are approximate.
WaistFront LengthSide Length
X-Small24-26 inches6.5 inches5 inches
Small27-29 inches6.5 inches5 inches
Medium30-33 inches6.5 inches5 inches
Large34-37 inches6.5 inches5 inches
X-Large38-42 inches6.5 inches5 inches


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