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This Leather Waist Cincher is a stylish accessory and foundation wear. This accessory is handmade from 8 oz. leather, and it is made to last a lifetime of use. It laces up the front, back, and sides to ensure an ideal, custom fit. It also features rounded, tooled edges for comfort, as well as coated grommets for added strength and style. If you are planning on replicating accurate historical style and need a waist cincher, then this item will help narrow your waist. Otherwise, it can also be used as a stylish addition to a variety of looks, ranging from medieval attire to pirate looks. It even can be paired with modern and contemporary styles for an interesting twist in your everyday wardrobe! There are dozens of styles to accent when it comes to this Leather Waist Cincher, and all you have to do is add it to your wardrobe and experiment a little to find which looks and styles you prefer.

Key Features:

  • Laces Up the Front, Back, and Sides
  • Has Smoothed and Tooled Edges for Comfort
  • Great for Narrowing your Waist or as an Attractive Accessory
  • An Excellent Addition to Medieval, Renaissance, and Contemporary Styles
  • Handmade in the USA


  • Made from 8 oz. leather

24-27 inches
28-31 inches
32-36 inches


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