Dressing as a Mage for your D&D Character

Dressing up as a DnD Mage

Wish you could cosplay as a Dungeons and Dragons wizard, warlock, or sorcerer? Here at Medieval Collectibles, we walk you through a sample Mage outfit to help you figure out how to dress as one for your D&D character. The classes of wizard, warlock, and sorcerer all have similar styles and aesthetics, so we chose to create an overarching mage outfit. We will explain the reasoning behind each piece as well as give suggestions for additional items that you may wish to add. This outfit works not just for mages specifically, but also for other characters like alchemists, witches, and more.


When creating your mage look, you should start with the clothing. A popular look for a magic-wielding character is a long and flowing style. You can choose a robe or a dress if you prefer. We choose the Abraxas Canvas Robe and the Lenora Premium Cotton Dress. Both provide a flowing look. The dress has bell-shaped sleeves and a full skirt. Meanwhile, the robe has long, loosely cut sleeves, a full-length design, and a short collar. Both items come in multiple colors.

A mage will often find themselves on many fantasy adventures. Having a pair of boots that look ready for adventures is a must. The Jackboots by Haddocks are a popular shoe that has a design that works in many fantasy and medieval settings. They come in black or brown and multiple sizes.

  • Lenora Premium Cotton Dress

    Lenora Premium Cotton Dress

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  • Haddock Jackboots

    Jackboots by Haddocks

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  • Abraxas Canvas Robe

    Abraxas Canvas Robe

    SKU: MY100243 $59.00$67.00 Add to Cart

Regular Accessories

With any character, accessories are a must. Starting out with your head, you can choose to wear a hat. We chose the Wikka Witch Hat for our mage character. It has a classic pointed design, perfect for a variety of magic wielding characters. There is a buckle on its front. It comes in black and brown. You can choose other hats to fit your personal aesthetic and the look of your character. Sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards may find themselves needing to carry a variety of items. To do that, you can wear a belt with some bags. We choose the Leather Twin Belt for a belt. This double belt has four D-rings at the bottom for attaching accessories.

Our sample mage wears the Friedhelm Leather Pouch and the Louis Medium Belt Bag to hold their gear. They slide onto the belt with loops on the back. Their different shapes and textures add interest to an outfit as well as needed practicality. They allow for carrying modern accessories such as a cellphone and keys in a discreet and medieval manner. Again, you may wish to choose other bags, depending on your color scheme and aesthetic.

  • Wikka Witch Hat

    Wikka Witch Hat

    SKU: MY101115
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  • Louis Medium Belt Bag

    Louis Medium Belt Bag

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  • Friedhelm Leather Pouch

    Friedhelm Leather Pouch

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  • Sale! Leather Twin Belt

    Leather Twin Belt

    SKU: MCI-2207 $36.00$40.00 Add to Cart

Magic Casting

No mage worth their magic would be without some sort of conduit or method to cast their magic. There are two popular methods: staffs and wands. For our mage’s staff, we chose the Pilgrim LARP Staff. It fits in well with a fantasy look. You could also choose Wood Finish LARP Staff. Either works for a mage or sorcerer to cast their magic with. If you prefer wands, we offer plenty of options. For example, two possible wands that would fit the aesthetic of our sample mage character are the Durentius LARP Wand in brown and the Sendivogius LARP Wand in silver. Both Epic Armoury wands feature a versatile look that works with many different character backgrounds.

  • Ozoshann LARP Mage Orb Staff Head

    Ozoshann LARP Mage Orb Staff Head

    SKU: CL-339
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  • Durentius LARP Wand - Brown

    Durentius LARP Wand – Brown

    SKU: MCI-3604
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  • Sendivogius LARP Wand - Silver

    Sendivogius LARP Wand – Silver

    SKU: MCI-3576
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  • Wood Finish LARP Staff

    Wood Finish LARP Staff

    SKU: CL-331
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  • Pilgrim LARP Staff

    Pilgrim LARP Staff

    SKU: CL-242
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Magic Accessories

With magic casting comes magical accessories. This includes potions and spells. Thus, some great items to add to your mage ensemble are potion bottles and spell books. While we don’t sell potions, we do offer a variety of potion bottles. For our mage character, we choose the Small Round Glass Bottle and the Round Glass Bottle with Holder. These potion bottles have leather casings to hold them. They come in multiple colors for different looks. The Round Glass bottle has a belt loop at the top for sliding onto a belt. Meanwhile, the small bottles have a lobster clasp at the top for attaching to things like the D-rings on the Leather Twin Belt.

Any wizard will need a place to record their potions and spells. We have many journals. Our mage keeps their magical knowledge in the Spellbook Leather Journal. It comes in different colors and sizes. The journal ties shut. We have other journals that buckle or latch closed if you prefer that style. Just make sure that you have a place to keep your spellbook hidden away when not being used to cast magic. The Leather Spellbook Pouch is one such option.

  • Spellbook Leather Journal

    Spellbook Leather Journal

    SKU: RT-385
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  • Leather Spellbook Pouch

    Leather Spellbook Pouch

    SKU: RT-361
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  • Small Round Glass Bottle

    Small Round Glass Bottle

    SKU: DK1035 $21.00 Add to Cart
  • Round Glass Bottle with Holder

    Round Glass Bottle with Holder

    SKU: DK1028 $24.00 Add to Cart

This sample mage ensemble is just one possibility for you to choose. How you dress as a D&D mage character is up to you. You can choose to wear different cloaks, robes, hats, and more. If you want, you can add accessories, such as jewelry pieces, to work as talismans. Chunky rings and necklaces work well. We hope that we have given you an idea of where to start on your Dungeons and Dragons mage costume. You can also use it as a base for other magical characters.

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