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If you are looking to become a fierce sorcerer or wizard, make sure that you stop to shop our LARP Wands category at Medieval Collectibles. Our wands feature a wide range of designs and styles. Some of them have wood cores with foam sleeves. These wood-core wands are interchangeable. You can switch out their sleeves and cores for another wood-core wand. We also have wizard wands that are polyurethane foam with bendable steel cores. These sorcerer wands allow you to bend them for a better angle or to give a bit of flair to your spell-casting style.
Some of our magic wands have versatile appearance, allowing them to match a variety of aesthetics. Druids, enchanters, and many other magic-casters can wield them. There are wands with faux gems on the ends. They look right at home in the hands of any sorceress or mage. These wands fit many different characters.
Some of our other witch wands have designs that scream necromancer or evil sorcerer. These wands feature skulls on the ends. There are wands that would look right at home in the hand of a Norse-themed character. Some of these wands take their inspiration from the Norse character of Fafnir. There are other wands that have a lion’s head, phoenix, or another creature adorning the handle. We also have wands with more geometric designs.
If you are looking for a wand to wield, then Medieval Collectibles is sure to have something that will catch your eye. Wield your wand at a LARP battle, cosplay convention, or fantasy festival.

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