Tizona Sword of El Cid


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Tizona is a sword born of history, once wielded by the warrior Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, better known by his nickname, El Cid. Unlike most folk heroes, though, El Cid actually existed, and his deeds are now immortalized and embellished in various stories. The Tizona Sword of El Cid is modeled after the actual Tizona, a sword of historical note that is currently on display at the Museo de Burgos, in Burgos, Spain. It recreates the general shape of the blade quite nicely, while also adding in its own infusions, to re-invent the sword and enhance its appeal for any collector who might acquire it. This sword features a stainless steel blade with a long ricasso and heavy etching along the upper section of the blade, while the flared and ornate guard angles downward, with a trio of bold quillons angling towards the blade. The grip is wrapped in wire for a more comfortable hold, while the unique pommel finishes off the blades overall style quite nicely. Included with the sword is a black leather sheath. Loosely translated, Tizona means firebrand or fire stick, and it was said scare off foes if its wielder is strong. Of Course, this Tizona Sword of El Cid lacks such mystic powers, but it makes up for it by possessing an incredibly appealing appearance, which makes it a fine addition to any sword enthusiasts collection of historic pieces.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • A Unique and Elegant Looking Historical Blade
  • Features an Etched Stainless Steel Blade
  • Blade Has a Long Ricasso and a Gradual Profile Taper
  • Cast-Metal Silver Guard is Highly Ornate and Elegantly Curled
  • Hilt is Wire-Wrapped, with a Carved, Hollow Lobed Pommel
  • Includes a Black Leather Sheath
  • Great for Costume Use, Carrying, or Display


  • Overall Length: 40 Inches


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