Red Leather and Steel Greaves

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Protecting your legs from enemy attack is wise for any warrior. The Red Leather and Steel Greaves are a great way to guard your shins. Made from 17 gauge mild steel, these greaves come as a pair. They secure to the legs with two with leather straps.

Each greave features a layered design. The layered design features red suede split leather as the inside layer. Steel strips form the outer layer. Rivets secure the strips in place. There are also rivets between the strips. They feature a brass-colored, floral look. They add a unique detail to the outside of the greaves. In addition, the bottoms of the greaves have a concave curved cutout. This cutout allows for greater mobility of the wearer. Wear the Red Leather and Steel Greaves to your next LARP event or Renaissance faire. Their distinctive style is sure to catch everyones eye.

Please note that steel thickness may vary slightly due to the handcrafted methods used in the manufacture of this item.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a pair
  • Features layered construction
  • Has a distinctive look
  • Secures with straps
  • Great for LARP and roleplaying events


  • Made from 17 gauge mild steel and suede split leather

Care Instructions:

LengthTop WidthBottom Width
One Size16.75 inches16.75 inches11 inches

3 reviews for Red Leather and Steel Greaves

  1. Brandon Norman (verified owner)

    I love these. They fit well and still allow perfect mobility. Bonus is they look great too!

  2. forsakencrusader3 (verified owner)

    Truely the finest piece of armour I have ever worn! The scarlet colour is beautiful, the brass buckles and floral rivets sparkle like effigies of the sun, and the fact that there are three straps means they fit very well.

  3. William Mayberry (verified owner)

    These are some gorgeous pieces. Lots of steel, lots of suede, lots of brass, so many rivets. Make sure you get some padding to manage the heft. The straps and buckles work well; the straps are pierced the entire length and marry well with the buckle with plenty of length to work with. The price just makes these more incredible.

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