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These padded arm bracers are great to wear under steel or leather arm bracers. They will prevent any skin pinching and stop your bracers from sliding around. They are made from padded, quilted black fabric and lace up in the back for closure.

Key Features:

  • Features a pair of gambeson arms
  • Prevents bracers from sliding, rubbing or pinching
  • Makes wearing steel or leather bracers more comfortable
  • Padded and quilted for extra protection
  • Fitted with draw-strings and eyelets


  • Made of medium cotton
  • Padding is polyester
  • Fittings are brass

Overall LengthTop WidthBottom Width
One Size9 inches9 inches7 inches

9 reviews for Padded Arm Bracers

  1. Ann G.

    The product is very good. I liked the integrity of the product and it was very well made. The padding is a bit light, but it works for me as a smaller fighter. The lacing is a bit cheap, but it works. Would buy again.

  2. John D.

    The Order was partially filled from a Larger Order, and Time of Delivery was lengthy.

  3. David L.

    Bought these to pair up with my steel bracers. They seem a bit small, but measure the description and do the right job. My biggest complaint was that the eyelets had some corrosion on them. Maybe like they got wet and sat for a long time. It wasn’t to hard to clean off, but still shouldn’t come that way.

  4. jared.rosenau (verified owner)

    These are great quality and fit. They are shaped to actually fit a human forearm. 100% recommended.

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    I wasn’t to sure about these before I got them, but now I am convinced. They really do stop the bracers from sliding around on my forearms. They hold and keep them secure. I’m very glad I got them!

  6. dm.dracghoul.the.mad.elf (verified owner)

    Love these, they work great under all may various bracers! Great purchase!

  7. zackgrogan141 (verified owner)

    While the overall quality of the padded bracers are fine, as a person with larger forearms these were not right for me. The lacing is much too short to tie and the bracers themselves are almost too small for me.
    Also, there isn’t terribly much padding in the bracers themselves. They feel more like a sleeve than anything that would absorb some impact from a blow.

  8. christopher.j.rowley (verified owner)

    (Black) These are a must if you’re also wearing metal or leather bracers. They’ll help you stay comfortable and keep the other bracers from sliding around. I have fairly thin wrists, and there’s a roughly one-inch gap at the threading. Fortunately, the strings they provide are thick and quite long. Well made with good materials. Highly recommend.

  9. Baylee Burger (verified owner)

    Based on the photos I thought these would be a bit bunchier, but they lay nice and flat on me. There’s not a phenomenal amount of padding, but enough that it makes my steel bracers a lot more comfortable to wear and just generally fit better. These are very high quality and a good deal for the price.

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