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The Arthur Padded Sleeves are made to match the Arthur Padded Gambeson (MY100134) with eyelets at their top for easy attachment. These sleeves are made of canvas with a polyester padding and feature a diamond shaped topstitch. The inner elbow is left unpadded to ensure proper mobility, while the outer joint has an extra circle of padding. Eyelets and cord make up the lacing details of the lower arms, which can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Design reinforced with diamond shaped stitching
  • Inner elbow free of padding for added mobility
  • Outer elbow overlaid with extra circle of padding
  • Adjust the fit with lace-up detail at the lower arm
  • Attach to vests via eyelets at top cuffs
  • Sold in sets of two


  • Made of cotton canvas with polyester padding

Upper CircumferenceLower CircumferenceOverall Length
Small17 inches13 inches22 inches
Medium17.5 inches13.5 inches23 inches
Large19.25 inches15.5 inches24 inches
X-Large19.5 inches15.75 inches24 inches
XX-Large23.5 inches18.5 inches24 inches

10 reviews for Arthur Padded Sleeves

  1. Emil C.

    I ordered a black in medium and it was absolutely wonderful. It was comfortable and durable.

  2. fox (verified owner)

    Thicker than I though but more comfortable than a one piece….looks and feels solid

  3. shinotsa (verified owner)

    I reviewed the base gambeson highly and would direct anyone considering this product to look at the reviews there.

    For the sleeves specifically, I would add two points. The first is that they lace nicely and in an aesthetically pleasing way to the gambeson torso. The second is that the elbow pad has more of a three-dimensional quality than it does in the picture, which makes it appear more reinforced and less like a thick black line than it appears above.

  4. Abdiel Bolaños (verified owner)

    I like the sleeves quite a bit, they are really conferrable and I like that you can fold them from the wrist up if you want!

    I did order a black medium-sized, which is 23-inches but I noticed that mine were a bit shorter and didn’t reach my wrists and the elbow padding rest at the lower end of my upper arms just missing the elbows, after measuring them both are 22 inches from shoulder to wrist, my leather gloves thankfully cover the gab up. The material of the sleeves have proven to be very resistant to the weather even after walking for a while under the rain I found myself protected from the rain and arrived home dry, the sleeves exterior was infact drenched but the interior stayed perfectly dry.

    Despite the length situation I have found them to be extremely durable and very comfortable. Great addition to my set!

  5. James Nesbitt (verified owner)

    Well made, The elbow pad is pretty significant, They are a touch snug.

  6. Brandon Norman (verified owner)

    These fit well. DEFINITELY need to break them in a bit more but I got them at the end of the season. I look forward to breaking them in next year

  7. Lord_Capulet (verified owner)

    Comfortable, durable, and very warm! Not the best at breathability in hotter weather and definitely needs breaking in, but does its job well.

  8. Matthew Novak (verified owner)

    Medium sleeves with medium gambeson is the perfect fit at 5’10” and 150 lbs. Mytholon quality hasn’t let me down yet.

  9. Charles Williams (verified owner)

    Overall, sturdy. These sleeves will do for practice and with armor on. Only thing I can recommend is to get the next size up from wherever you land on the sizing chart. These arms are thick enough that it makes bending your arms exhausting, and raising a sword over my head lifted the entire gambeson. This however was my oversight. Beyond that, I highly recommend.

  10. Finkler (verified owner)

    A bit snug, but nothing a bit of wearing can’t fix. Overall good quality.

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