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Mercenary Leather Greaves

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The forest proves an effective cover as you watch the abductors bring forth the captive. A safe return earns a high prize, so you move with care. You take the rogues unaware, your lower limbs clad in the Mercenary Leather Greaves. The 9-10 oz. leather reinforces your protection on the LARP battleground. Nickel plated -antique brass for the brown- rivets and flared edging enhances your fierce warrior style. The back of each greave includes two buckle straps for secure adjustment and comfort. Complete a perfect look and defense by combining these greaves with the Mercenary Leather Bracers and Mercenary Leather Cuirass.

Key Features:

    • Handmade from 9-10 oz. leather from two segments
    • Plated rivets follow the detailed edging and flared cuts
    • Leather lacing and eyelets provide a customizable fit
    • Perfect for LARP combat and training
    • Sold as a pair


    • Available in One Adjustable Size

1 review for Mercenary Leather Greaves

  1. Scott H.

    Brown/tan colour looks great with the assasins armour in all the pictures. It’s a good quality leather as well.

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