Klappvisier Bascinet Helmet



The Bascinet is the most common form of helmet used in the middle ages. Originally developed to be worn under the great helm or barrel helm, the bascinet eventually evolved to include a retractable visor. The original purpose was to protect the warrior during hand-to-hand combat, but allowing him to discard his heavy, hot, suffocating great helm. This replica is from a later time period than the Houndskull, as is shown by the smaller and flatter visor. This would have been used in the later 13th century into the 15th century. This is the primary type of helmet used in the Hundred Years War.

Made by GDFB

Key Features:

  • Inside Leather Lined
  • Removable Visor
  • Authentic Bascinet Helmet
  • Available In Two Sizes
  • Great Medieval Helm


  • Medium: Will fit a head circumference up to 60 cm (approximately 23.5 Inches)
  • Large: Will fit a head circumference up to 63 cm (approximately 24.8 Inches)


  • Steel Thickness: 14 Gauge


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