Crusader Upper Leg Padding

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If you are looking to add some comfort and protection to your medieval knight outfit, consider wearing the Crusader Upper Leg Padding. Made from cotton canvas, this thigh arming wear comes as a pair. It covers the thigh and knee. This medieval arming wear comes in two colors and three sizes. They lace up in back with leather ties. The vertically quilted padding has leather flaps that the ties run through. Meanwhile, on the front, there is a padded leather knee on each leg. The leather helps to prevent damage to the knee or tearing of the Crusader arming wear. At the top, there are loops for attaching the thigh arming wear to a belt, not included. Wear this arming wear underneath your thigh armor for a historical reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable In Back Of Leg
  • Secures To Belt, Not Included
  • Re-enforced Leather Knee
  • Medieval Padding To Thigh Area


  • Made from Cotton Canvas
  • Knee is Leather
Overall LengthCircumference
Large22.25 inches26-29 inches
X-Large22.25 inches27-30 inches
XX-Large22.25 inches28-32 inches

5 reviews for Crusader Upper Leg Padding

  1. Abdiel Bolaños (verified owner)

    at first i was surprised how big the pair looked, but at the end it fits quite well, albeit somewhat loose, the padding feels great and it does protect greatly against blows and hits. I still feel the hits and they stink a little, but its better than just a pair of pants. They are surprisingly heavy, but i dont mind at all as they are not exceedingly so and the weight is mitigated by strapping them with the belt. They feel great and provide good protection, the only problem i find is the leather, it smells really strong and some times the smell can be a bit too much, but its something that has to fade with time and since the protection is so great i do find myself please with the gear, no smell and with smell, i would buy this again if need be.

  2. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Very nice and high quality upper leg pads with reinforced leather knees. They also have a very authentic look to them.

  3. danabee_19 (verified owner)

    The pictures just don’t do these pads justice! That is a cupped kneepad you are seeing, not just a flat disc. I got these for the Elias legplates and with the Farald Padded Greaves, they make the legplates super comfortable. The cupped knee pads lined up with the plated ones very nicely. I recommend you get some athentic looking pants with belt loops and then get a locking slide belt to secure these since nobody can see the belt under a gambeson anyway. I tripped on my porch and landed on my knees with these leg pads plus the Elias greaves and Farald pads, and while I wasn’t happy, I eventually got back up just fine.

  4. bavarianpineapple0619 (verified owner)

    The knee pads are solid as hell! Straight out of the box I was astonished at how well made they were!

  5. bavarianpineapple0619 (verified owner)

    Tough as stone! Provides great protection against percussive strikes.

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