Leandra Medieval Maiden Outfit

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Leandra Canvas Overdress

Transform your maidenly outfits into stylish ensembles when you wear the Leandra Canvas Overdress with your favorite medieval gowns or blouse and skirt combos. This cotton canvas overdress adds unique detail to reenactment looks.

Valerie Canvas Blouse

Not much beats the unassuming elegance of the Valerie Canvas Blouse. Stylish and versatile, this medieval peasant top has a round neckline and long bell sleeves that match its relaxed fit and the gentle outward taper of its length.

Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt

Made of high-quality cotton, the Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt is both elegant and timeless, perfectly suitable for a variety of historic looks. Featuring a full, ankle length style, this versatile skirt comes in a variety of colors.

Jadwiga Ladies Loafers – optional

No medieval outfit or fantasy costume is complete without the proper footwear. Add the Jadwiga Ladies Loafers to your character or role-play ensemble for a truly historical feel at any Renaissance faire, LARP event, or convention.

Mattis Belt – optional

With fine detailing fit for a variety of medieval inspired outfits, the Mattis Belt features a brass buckle, tip, and five blossom-shaped decorations. This belt is made of thick leather and available in multiple colors.

Geralt Small Belt Bag – optional

The more petite version of our Large Geralt Belt Bag, the Small Geralt Belt Bag offers wearers the same sturdy security for your items at a smaller size. Made from high-quality leather, this slender bag features a brass pin closure.

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When wearing the Leandra Medieval Maiden Outfit, you are sure to stand out at the medieval market or faire. This outfits statement piece is the Leandra Overdress, which layers great over the included blouse and skirt. Each of these items is available in different color options, so you can make this look unique to your style. The overdress and blouse are made of cotton canvas, while the long skirt is made of premium cotton canvas. The long overdress ties along the torso and is open at the skirt.

Add extra detail with the Mattis Belt cinched around your waist, offered in black and brown. This buckle belt is made of leather with metal details at the tip and along the length. Slide the Geralt Small Belt Bag onto the belt to easily carry your small essentials. Finally, the Jadwiga Ladies Loafers are fine leather flats that will suit this look and more. The Leandra Medieval Maiden Outfit makes it easy to prepare for the Ren faire, a LARP event, or other costuming occasion.

Optional accessories include the buckled belt, available in black and brown. The belt pouch as well is offered in black and brown. Shoes are optional as well. Save 5 percent on your whole look when you get this outfit!

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing with optional accessories
  • Easy way to get a well-matched look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, reenactments, and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Leandra Canvas Overdress #MY100565
  • Valerie Canvas Blosue #MY100575
  • Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt #MY100359

Optional Accessories:

  • Jadwiga Ladies Loafers #MY100953
  • Mattis Belt #MY100322
  • Geralt Small Belt Bag #MY100287


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