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If there is one thing to be learned by observing Viking weaponry, it is that the Vikings loved their large blades. This Horn Handled Viking Sax is a broad-bladed knife, although given its length this wood-handled blade is practically a Viking short sword. This impressive Viking knife features a long, broad blade that is ideally suited for cutting and carving. The blade features a small fuller along the knifes spine, which helps to lighten the knifes weight without decreasing its strength. The blade features a flattened, clipped point that is still quite effective at stabbing, thrusting, and piercing, too. The handle is made entirely from fine horn and features a full-tang design for increased strength. The blade is made from carbon steel and is left unsharpened. Included with the sax knife is a leather belt sheath. This knife has an overall length of 23 inches. While it might have originally been a utility knife, this Horn Handled Viking Sax is definitely not limited to that role thanks to its impressive blade. Carry it like you would a tool and a weapon whenever you don your Viking garb, and otherwise keep it proudly displayed in your home when you are in your normal attire.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After a Traditional Viking Seax Knife
  • Features Simple and Rugged Design
  • Features a Long, Unsharpened Carbon Steel Blade
  • Handle is Made from Attractively Carved Horn
  • Includes a Leather Belt Sheath
  • A Great Accent to Germanic and Viking Styled Outfits
  • An Absolutely Amazing Display Item or Collectors Piece


  • Overall Length: 23 Inches


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