Bowen Medieval Huntsman Outfit

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Bowen Suede Jerkin

A forester needs the right gear and clothing. The Bowen Suede Jerkin is a great jacket for roaming ancient woods during the Dark Ages or Renaissance. This jacket is ideal for layering and creating a fantasy or reenactment costume.

Tronde Wool Tunic

Create all kinds of medieval, Viking, and fantasy looks with the Tronde Wool Tunic. This mens medieval tunic keeps you warm with its wool blend structure and long sleeves. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your medieval outfit.

Tronde Linen Tunic

For historically-inspired style made comfortable to wear, choose the Tronde Linen Tunic. This mens Viking tunic has a V-slash neckline and is made of linen, making it a great addition to or base for medieval and fantasy wardrobes.

Ketill Canvas Pants

Inspired by the Rus pants of the Vikings, the Ketill Canvas Pants come in a pattern that allows excellent freedom of movement. These baggy trousers fit loosely around the waist and upper leg before snugging tightly around the calf.

Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps – optional

Any adventurer knows that there are few things as obnoxious as an open sleeve cuff getting in the way of the hand, impeding combat or climbing. Luckily, the Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps are here to guard against exactly that issue and more!

Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps – optional

When you are running through the forest trying to escape the enemy, the last thing you want is to trip on your pants or leave a blood trail from your bramble-beaten shins. This is exactly what the Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps are here for!

Louis Sword Belt – optional

The beautifully crafted Louis Sword Belt is made out of high-quality natural leather, sewn by hand, and is secured with a wrought iron belt buckle. The end of the attached sheath is open, great for holding your favorite LARP sword.

Raimund Boots – optional

For stylish historic reenactors who are fleet of foot, the Raimund Boot is a great choice in medieval footwear. These short and sturdy leather boots are sure to match a variety of looks and are available in various colors.


The Bowen Medieval Huntsman Outfit makes an excellent outfit for all kinds of characters. This versatile mens medieval outfit includes all clothing items used to create this look along with optional accessories. Most importantly, you will save 5 percent when you purchase these items together in this bundle! Firstly, the Bowen Suede Jerkin is the statement piece of this look. It comes in different color options, so you can really make this look your own. This suede sleeveless vest fastens at the front with leather straps. It layers perfectly over the Tronde Wool Tunic, also available in a variety of colors. Then, under that, wear the Tronde Linen Tunic for comfort and to add authenticity to your look. The Ketill Canvas Pants are a great match with these items. With this mens medieval outfit, you will be well dressed for LARP or the faire and have room to accessorize.

Secondly, add the optional accessories to elevate your look. The Canvas Hamond Arm and Leg Wraps add detail when wrapped around the forearm and ankle. Next, you can easily carry your LARP weapon of choice using the Louis Sword Belt. Finally, finish the look with the Raimund Boots. These short boots come in black or brown leather and fasten with buckled straps. Put together a well-matched and stylish medieval look with ease using this bundle. You will be ready for LARP or other costuming adventure when wearing the Bowen Medieval Huntsman Outfit.

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing with optional accessories
  • Easy way to get a well-matched look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, reenactments, and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Bowen Suede Jerkin #MY100825
  • Tronde Wool Tunic #MY100787
  • Tronde Linen Tunic #MY100795
  • Ketill Canvas Pants #MY100097

Optional Items:

  • Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps #MY100740
  • Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps #MY100742
  • Louis Sword Belt #MY100313
  • Raimund Boots #MY100330


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