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Medieval times were sometimes brutal, sometimes romantic, but always a source of intrigue. We invite you to share in the experience of an era gone by with our collection of falchions.

All our falchions are expertly hand-crafted and authentic replica weapons! You can display them in your office, home, or for Medieval reenactments.

What Is a Falchion Sword?

A falchion is a medieval single-handed, one-edged bladed weapon that originated in Europe. The name falchion may have come from the French word fauchon and the Latin word falx, both referring to a sickle.

The back of the sword is either straight or somewhat concave, and the edge is convex. Indeed, the blade style varies, but it is generally believed to be single-edged and curved.

Is It Similar to a Sax or Scramasax?

Falchions can be seen in Medieval art being used against lighter armors worn by infidels as well as footmen and even knights. The weapon is entirely European and was derived from the sax. Some historians say the sword is related to the Dark Ages’ long knife, seax or scramasax.

Some falchions are shaped like a large meat cleaver or machete. They are found in different forms from around the 11th century up to and including the 16th century.

How Is Falchion Pronounced?

People do get confused about how to pronounce falchion. Its two most-known phonetic spellings are / fɔːltʃən / and / fȯl-chən /.

Who Uses a Medieval Falchion?

The falchion is thought to be primarily a peasant’s weapon and was used in everyday life when not in battle. There are very few actual falchions that have survived to the present. Interestingly, one surviving example is from a noble family.

What Does a Falchion Look Like?

As mentioned, the falchion sword can look like a meat cleaver. The best known example is the Conyers Falchion, named after the Conyers family of Durham and displayed at Durham Cathedral.

The sword’s length is 89 centimeters and weighs three pounds or less. Its blade is somewhat different from the ones during that time and is said to be the inspiration of the vorpal blade in Jabberwocky.

Aside from the cleaver types, falchion swords can be cusped. Thorpe Falchion is a known example with its single-edged, slightly curved blade. Cusped falchion swords are also said to resemble German Messer knives, the blades of which can be straight or curved.

How Authentic Are Falchion Sword Replicas Online?

At MedievalCollectibles.com, the dimensions and weight are accurate on every piece, so you get Medieval weapons that are actually balanced and fun to hold instead of just pretty to look at.

For example, you can get a Medieval falchion sword with a blade of high carbon steel for cutting, and a steel pommel and guard.

Our falchion swords can be used for display or battle reenactments, as each reproduction is created to the specifications of the original.

Where Can You Buy a Falchion Sword Online?

Medieval Collectibles offers this kind of sword at a reasonable price. Shop now to add to your collection of Medieval weaponry. Whether you are looking for a battle-ready or decorative piece, you have come to the right place.

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