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  • German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword

    German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword

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  • William Wallace Steel Claymore

    William Wallace Steel Claymore

    SKU: ED2014 $675.50 Add to Cart
  • Celtic Combat Sword

    Celtic Combat Sword

    SKU: ED2002 $428.00 Add to Cart
  • Pirate Cutlass

    Pirate Cutlass

    SKU: ED2050
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    $339.00 Add to Cart
  • Steel Scottish Claymore Sword

    Steel Scottish Claymore Sword

    SKU: ED2802
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  • Roman Gladius Sword

    Roman Gladius Sword

    SKU: ED2010 $428.00 Add to Cart
  • Steel Hilt Crusader Sword

    Steel Hilt Crusader Sword

    SKU: ED2004
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  • Trojan Short Sword

    Trojan Short Sword

    SKU: ED2016
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  • Great Claymore Sword

    Great Claymore Sword

    SKU: ED2011
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  • Sale! Brass Hilt Crusader Sword

    Brass Hilt Crusader Sword

    SKU: ED2003
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  • Sale! Night Warrior Samurai Sword

    Night Warrior Samurai Sword

    SKU: ED2038
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    Original price was: $301.54.Current price is: $251.28. Add to Cart

Ritter Steel is a premium line of hand made functional medieval swords, Samurai swords and related weapons. They also offer Oriental styles, including the famous braided leather collection. Rittersteel uses many age old techniques to produce their medieval swords, including the hand forging of blades over hot coals. The typical medieval sword features a sharp high carbon spring steel blade, wood grips, and steel or brass guards and pommels. Most are supplied with heavy leather sheaths, others with wood covered in leather. The Rittersteel Authentics Collection is an incredible collection of medieval weaponry which look like they came right out of a museum or castle. Craftsman faithfully reproduce these functional ancient weapons of the Medieval Age and earlier with some of the same methods as were used to produce the originals. The Authentics collection would make any collector proud to own, and at a surprisingly affordable price.

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