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  • Sale! Knights Riding Sword

    Knights Riding Sword

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  • Roman Maintz Gladius Sword

    Roman Maintz Gladius Sword

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  • Sale! Roman Gladius Sword

    Roman Gladius Sword

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  • Sale! Hospitaller Sword

    Hospitaller Sword

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  • Falcata Sword

    Falcata Sword

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  • Celtic Anthromorphic Sword

    Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword

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  • Sale! Irish Hand and Half Sword

    Irish Hand and Half Sword

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  • Sale! 12th Century Medieval Sword

    12th Century Medieval Sword

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  • Halfling Sword

    Halfling Sword

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  • Excalibur - The Sword of Power

    Excalibur – The Sword of Power

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  • Templar Knight Sword

    Templar Knight Sword

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Generation 2 is now known as Legacy Arms makes battle-ready swords. Each sword is meticulously researched, designed, and reviewed for historical accuracy. All their swords are made of 3/16 Inches high carbon spring steel with a full hefty tang, making them fully functional. The pommels and cross guards of the Legacy Arms swords are made from polished solid steel or brass. The Legacy Arms swords and knives are made from virgin 5160 or 1060 carbon steel. The tangs are a continuation of the blade that runs completely through the handle making them a full tang. For many years sword manufacturers have been producing swords “loosely” based on historical swords. Legacy Arms has made a concerted effort to change that mentality and has become the forerunner in re-creating swords that actually existed in the past. The new Legacy Arms are replicas of actual museum pieces with the same characteristics; strong tangs and sharp hand forged tempered blades. Now all of the Legacy Arms swords have penned pommels (the tang runs through the pommel and is pounded into a rounded peen to hold the hilt in place). Our Legacy Arms swords are covered under a one year limited warranty against breaking under intended sword use (Practice cutting against reasonable objects and blade on blade contact). A sword no matter how well it is made will receive nicks in the edge if hit edge to edge with another sword.

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